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Beauty Buzz: Get Your Glow on with Nutrition

by Point Lumineux Staff


Spring is officially here, and it’s time for renewal—skin renewal, that is! Here are the most beneficial foods and nutrients to achieve that healthy glow.


Blueberries: These fruits are considered superfoods because they are among the most antioxidant-rich foods on earth. Their relatively mild flavor means that blueberries are just as adaptable as they are nutritious. Enjoy them for breakfast, in afternoon smoothies and dinner salads, or straight as a snack. If you want more versatility, combine them with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries too, as all these fruits are delicious and nutritious choices.


Oranges: Oranges are packed with water, which helps keep your skin hydrated, and vitamin C. Your body needs vitamin C in order to produce collagen, a protein that helps the skin maintain its firmness to counteract the appearance of aging. A single medium orange has more than 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C.


Pomegranates: Pomegranates are another excellent source of vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants, to attack free radicals and promote a healthy skin tone.


Tomatoes: In addition to being another ideal source of that all-important vitamin C, tomatoes are rich sources of the potent phytochemical lycopene. Lycopene is an essential antioxidant that protects the skin from sun damage by eliminating free radicals from ultraviolet rays, and promotes circulatory health. It has also been found to help fight cancer.


Watermelon: This juicy summer fruit is about 92% water which, like an orange, helps your skin remain hydrated. Watermelon is also packed with lycopene, so consuming a slice can protect your skin from aging, wrinkles and even skin cancer. In fact, an average watermelon has about 40% more lycopene than raw tomatoes.


Avocado: You have probably heard that avocados are abundant in the healthy monounsaturated fats which can assist in the development and maintenance of healthy cells. In addition, it can also lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Avocados also contain antioxidants vitamins A and E, which guard against UV rays and keep the skin moisturized, and glutathione, the master detoxifier and powerful antioxidant which is essential to all bodies on the planet.


Kale: This leafy green is high in potassium which keeps the skin cells both hydrated and firm. It also contains the antioxidant vitamin K which helps with blood clotting and could also assist in the reduction of spider veins, scars and circles under the eyes.


Sweet Potatoes: These root vegetables are more nutritious than their russet counterparts—and arguably more delicious too. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene which the body converts into vitamin A and antioxidants.


Wild Salmon: If you choose to eat fish, wild salmon can be an excellent, low-mercury source of omega-3 fatty acids which keep the skin moisturized, reduce inflammation, and could even protect against the onset of skin cancer.


While these foods can surely help maintain your skin’s natural glow, at Point Lumineux, we incorporate nutrient IV’s and injections to accelerate the absorption and utilization of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace minerals needed for the body’s optimal functioning.


For more information on these services and to schedule a nutritional evaluation to determine which nutrients your system is lacking, call 941-217-6828.

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