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Transformational Light Code Activations There is a unique opportunity in Sarasota to experience

There is a unique opportunity in Sarasota to experience Transformational Light Code Activations with Waxéla Sananda. Waxéla (wa-shay-la) has been practicing shamanism, channeling, meditation and energy work for over 20 years which she brings together to help elevate her clients’ frequency and spiritual gifts. 

One special tool integrated into Light Code Activations is the Lucia Light, a hypnogogic meditative light which has been compared to an internal psychedelic experience such as an Ayahuasca journey, but using light rather than plant medicine or drugs. Waxéla has the only Lucia Light in the Sarasota area. 

Quantum Sound Therapy with voice code affirmations is another powerful tool that can measure 1.5 billion pieces of information in the voice and translate what is stressed, lacking and missing into a remedy that can be listened to on headphones. This Tesla technology sends out a frequency that has the experiencer bask in the new frequency, while listening to the sound remedy and results can be nearly instantaneous.

Light Code Activation Packages include the Lucia Light, Quantum Sound Therapy, gong and crystal bowl baths, and Waxéla’s guidance through channeling and coaching to give you inspiration on your path and purpose, while discovering, enhancing and upgrading your own spiritual gifts in the process.


For more information, call 512-585-9265, email [email protected] or visit


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