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Put the Red Light On! What Is Red Light Therapy and How Does It Work?

by Point Lumineux Staff



Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation or low-level laser therapy, uses specific wavelengths of light to penetrate through the skin to a depth of eight to 10 millimeters. This means it can reach all layers of the skin, blood vessels and lymph system. The frequency of red light has a therapeutic impact on the cells and metabolic processes. Once absorbed into the body, light energy is converted into cellular energy.

The conversion kicks off a series of metabolic actions like the formation of new capillaries, elevated production of collagen, and the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP’s role is to provide energy to the cells. By helping the production of ATP, cells can function more efficiently to rejuvenate and repair damage. We can then experience benefits, such as increased collagen production, increased muscle recovery, weight loss, reduced inflammation, relieved joint pain and more.

Research has shown that light in the red and near-infrared spectrum (wavelengths between 620 and 1000 nm) have many benefits in the body. These specific wavelengths penetrate deep into the tissues, then are absorbed into the body. Here’s just a few of the health benefits that light therapy can offer.  

Light exposure impacts the mood, sleep patterns, hormone balance and more UV-B light helps the skin synthesize Vitamin D, and infrared light heats us from within to help with detoxification. Red light is healing and therapeutic in the process of assisting our tissues and cells with growth and repair. In addition, blue light can keep us energized and awake. Since many colors have different properties, it’s useful to incorporate each of them for overall health.

Another topic that’s hot right now is Pulsed Laser Light. Alma Harmony’s Dye-VL module offers the first real solution for vascular lesions since the Dye Laser, offering treatment that is just as effective, but with the safety, versatility and affordability of pulsed light. Alma Harmony’s Dye-VL technology harnesses light energy from a precise narrow spectrum, specifically targeted for the treatment of vascular lesions.

Based on Alma Harmony’s proprietary Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), an advanced form of intense pulsed light technology (IPL), the Dye-VL is a broadband pulsating light source which has a reputation for its ingenuity. Designed with the comfort and safety of the patient in mind, treatments using these lasers have become a standard offer in prestigious dermatologic and cosmetic clinics. At Point Lumineux, we take pride in using the latest and greatest technologies to ensure success for all our clients.


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