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Letter from the Publisher February 2019

February is the quintessential month of love, so it will come as no surprise that our theme for this issue of Natural Awakenings is on matters of the heart. With the enchantment of Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s intoxicating to be swept into that flurry of roses, chocolates, poems and candlelit dinners, but a heart-centric approach to life goes beyond a romantic holiday observed just once a year. It’s an outpouring of love in all facets of our beings, and that’s exactly what we are delving into this month.


First of all, if you want to embrace the heart-centric life, you need to make sure that heart of yours is functioning optimally. And that’s why our feature article this month is all about “Heart Health.” From assessing the risk factors of illness to discussing preventative measures to examining holistic treatments, this article is loaded with insight on how to keep your heart active, robust and strong for a number of years to come.


Next, we can’t overlook the importance of sustaining our hearts with the right kinds of nourishment to ensure they’re able to thrive. This month’s “Conscious Eating” article focuses on heart healthy recipes with an emphasis on whole food, plant-based ingredients. Some of these meals can even be transformed into a romantic Valentine’s dinner to indulge in with your sweetheart. Who says nutritious can’t also be delicious, right?


Another element of heart-centric living is the depth of relational connections, and this issue explores that in not one article, but two! Our “Healing Ways” column enumerates the various health benefits of hugging and why the expression of physical touch is such a crucial part of building intimacy with others. In addition, our “Wise Words” column describes how couples can make authentic, enduring love the foundational part of their relationships. After all, it’s a daily commitment—not just an annual celebration.


So readers, there’s your snapshot of our February issue, bursting at the seams with all our continued love and appreciation for you. Please send any comments, questions or general feedback to [email protected], and cheers to a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

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