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Beauty Buzz: Kansa What? Kansa Wand!

by Point Lumineux Staff


The Kansa wand might just be your new best friend once you have learned both its cosmetic and systemic benefits for the body. Facial massage tools have gained popularity over the past few years and for an ideal reason. These tools help to tone the facial muscles, reduce fine lines and stimulate the lymphatic system.  

At Point Lumineux, we love the Kansa wand because of the subtle electrical conductivity of the bronze metal which helps to balance the body's natural electrical system. Tools like this have been used for centuries in India to enhance health and strength, increase energy and reduce stress. The ancient healing art of Ayurveda holds that a Kansa wand is essential to optimal health and well-being. This is why the Kansa wand has us captivated.


What Is the Kansa Wand?

The Kansa wand is made from pure tin and copper (sacred bronze), known as “Healing Metal” in Ayurveda. The goal behind using the Kansa wand is to provide slight friction to the facial muscles. This pulls acidity from the tissues and minimizes damaging acid buildup. As we mentioned, it has been used for centuries in India to improve health, reduce stress and increase energy. We use the sacred bronze wand to illuminate the skin with a natural, healthy glow.

The Kansa wand is designed with a wooden handle and bronze dome, allowing for pressure to be applied, while slowly moving the wand around the face. At Point Lumineux, we love incorporating our organic CBD oil into the Kansa wand facial for an even greater overall benefit.

So why give the Kansa tool a second thought? This unique tool can provide the following:


  • Increase the vibrancy of your skin
  • Decrease stress and release toxins from the body
  • Energize and relax you at the same time
  • Tighten and tone the skin overall


On a physical level, “the Kansa wand helps to revitalize and plump skin, soften fine lines, de-puff the eyes, firm the jawline and cheekbones, relax the neck and shoulders, and aid in lymphatic drainage which might help clear up acne, reduce puffiness and under-eye bags, and brighten dull skin. To truly understand Kansa, you need to understand why the lymphatic system is so important for skin health.  

The lymphatic system is essentially the body's natural detoxing mechanism: It collects waste in the form of excess fluid from all the cells in your body, filters the fluid, and sends the good stuff back into the circulatory system,” which kicks your lymphatic system into gear. It’s reassuring to know we have tools that aid the body in maintaining health and vibrancy for several years to come.


Visit our office or contact Point Lumineux for a list of all the services we offer to help bring balance to the body. Mention this article for an additional 20% off any Kansa Wand facial. To schedule an appointment, call 941-217-6828.

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