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Brain Injury Awareness Month

According to the Brain Injury Association of America, every nine seconds, someone in the U.S. sustains a brain injury. In fact, more than 3.5 million children and adults sustain a brain injury each year. We recognize major accidents or head traumas as significant contributors.  But we forget to consider these injuries do not require loss of consciousness and can occur with a blow to another area of the body too, otherwise known as an acceleration-deceleration injury.

Even mild TBIs can result in debilitating post-concussion syndrome where symptoms include depression, ADHD-like behaviors, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, temper outbursts and aggression, memory problems and sleep disorders, depending on which part of the brain was damaged. 

So how can Neurofeedback help? This process can reduce or eliminate brain injury symptoms similar to how physical therapy helps a person recover from bodily injuries. Neurofeedback cannot repair physical damage to the brain’s structure, but it can use neuroplasticity to exercise and develop new neural pathways and restore brain function.

Neurofeedback quantifies and trains brain activity. The brain cells interact to create thoughts, sensations, actions and emotions, detectable as brain waves.  Neurofeedback monitors brain waves, looks for irregularities, then produces a signal designed to correct and guide them back into a healthy pattern. Overtime, the brain will remain in healthy ranges on its own. 

At the Brain Wave Center, we provide brain mapping, neurofeedback, psychotherapy, nutrition counseling, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy and more to help you rediscover well-being. Speak with your doctor before starting any medical or alternative medical treatment.  We do not recommend that you use any treatments without learning how they align with your current treatment plan for conditions or injuries.


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