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The Enchanted Season of Halloween

by Kathleen Dove 


Halloween’s origins come from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-een) which dates back over 2000 years in Ireland, The United Kingdom and France. After the Romans conquered the Celts in 43 AD, they appropriated the pagan rituals and adapted them to their own Christian celebrations to make them more Church friendly occasions. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as “All Saints Day,” assimilating some of the Celtic traditions of Samhain. The evening prior became known as “All Hallows Eve,” or Halloween. 

November 1 was the Celtic New Year, and the end of harvest time which marked the beginning of the cold, dark winter. The Celts believed on the night before each new year, the veil between the living and spirit world became thin. Samhain, October 31, was a night the departed could return to the world of the living. Their presence made it easier for the ancient Druids and Priests to see the future. They could help give comfort to people by communication with their departed loved ones. The prophecies of the Priests gave them hope and reassurance during the difficult winters. 

Halloween is a magical, enchanting and sometimes frightening holiday filled with mystery and superstitions. It is thought to be a time when the spirit world is closest to us. The Celts used to set places at their tables for loved ones who had recently passed so they could partake of a family meal together. They lit torches along the roads to help the spirits find their way home. Many of the ancient Halloween rituals focused on the living and predicting the future by connecting to the wisdom of the spirit realm. It was not about the terrifying monsters and creepy clowns that have become the staple of popular culture. 

Here at The Spirit University, our readers and mediums excel at connecting to the spirit realm. We are excited about Halloween and invite you to join us October 2021, 7–10 p.m., for The Haunted Castle of Enchantment.” This is the perfect opportunity for both young and old to experience some mysterious and mystifying phenomena. There will be at least 13 intuitive readers, each of them practicing a different ancient form of divination.  

If you’ve never experienced a psychic reading, now is your chance. They will be available at just $25 for 15 minutes. Choose from tea leaves, tarot, mediumship, aura, runes and palmistry to name a few. The event will also feature our own Victoria Ackerman demonstrating Flame Cards and the Energy Cabinet. Experience an actual healing séance, while a paranormal investigation takes place. Test your problem-solving skills with our escape room. There will even be ghost stories and sugar skull face-painting. In addition, don’t forget to wear a costume for the photo booth and contest. 

Finally, what Halloween Haunted Castle would be complete without vampires? We will be hosting a blood drive too, and The Suncoast Blood Mobile will be on-site during the event. Blood is urgently needed for victims of both hurricanes. We will be offering free admission for anyone who donates blood.  


This event is located at 373 Braden Ave., Sarasota. The cost of admission is $5, and readings are $25. For more information, call 941-544-5874 or visit 


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