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The Science and Spirit Behind Your Words of Power

by Rev. Elizabeth Thompson 


Humanity has been wired for awareness and intention for the greater good and how to live out that intention through our advanced systems. Ancient traditions fostered the relationship with our heart-mind through the symbolism of sacred marriage of the heart and brain to develop spiritual awareness. Today, scientists call this “entrainment which registers on our extensive neural network.   

We are co-contributors to the electrical and magnetic fields, and our strongest organ is the heart which is also the first organ formed in the womb. Through our words, connected to the heart-soul intention, we hone, tune and refine the mental, emotional and physical planes. The bottom line is that we can deliberately attune our hearts and our brains. 

The first step in this process is to shift our awareness and focus to our heart center and ask our heart a question––What brings out goodness in this experience, relationship, circumstance? Wait for the response and listen gently to the rising impulse. It could be an image, word, emotion or sensation. We are all unique and will have different fields of registration.  

Humanity is literally hard-wired for wellbeing, exploration, innovation, creativity and joyful fulfillment.  This requires not just any effort, but gentle and consistent application in order to experience progress. With intentional practice, the development of Direct Knowing is established.   

Esther Hicks has stated, “You are meant to succeed, and failure should feel.bad to you. Life is supposed to go well for you, and when it does not, there is something wrong. But what is wrong is not something that is outside of you over which you have no control. What is wrong is within you, and you do have control. Both quantum science and heartmath agree with the ancient prophets and mystics. To observe something is to affect it with our field of consciousness and energy. What we intend with passion, we infuse with power.  


“Give attention to my words. Incline your ear to my sayings.  

Do not let them depart from your sight. Keep them in the midst of your heart.  

For they are life to those who find them and health to all their body.  

Keep your heart with all caution because from it is the outgoing of life. 

––Proverbs 4: 20–22 


Sutra practice and shifting consciousness are common ways of teaching our ability to affect phenomenon in our environment.  When we do this at the quantum field, we participate in creating ripples across the universe. The Isaiah Scroll is a template that assists us to understand and explore mystery of prophecy and prayer. In one prophecy, there is doom, destruction and suffering, while in another, there is well-being and joyful fulfillment. Scholars thought one was to precede another, but what if, as in the quantum field of possibilities, both were options available through choice, intention and right action? 

Quantum time predicts a number of possible outcomes from a wide variety of intentions that can play out in the field of possibilities. In past, future and vertical time, numerous experiences are all playing out at the same moment.  We choose which of the many possibilities we bring to bear in our lives.  At any given moment, there are multiple outcomes.   

Postulations that don’t seem so outlandish anymore suggest that we can move into parallel possibilities and can view potential outcomes––even direct them with our heart words, intentions and focus. We all have choice points and direct the flow of our experience. Out of the heart, come the issues of life, and we direct this flow of life with our silent and audible words that are well-chosen, backed with sacred intention and walked into the fullness of being. When we understand our heart’s intention, we can do what scientists have termed remotely view outcomes in the future.   

Everything's coming up roses,” or There is only gloom and doom. Which scenario is it? The catastrophe or graceful outworking? Is there sadness or joy, healing and peace?  The answer in potential is “yes,” and we hold that answer in our hearts. Traditionally we go through the bad before the good arrives, but how about jumping to the goodness first?    

Many believe the ancient seers could see more than one possibility, and so can you. We have the capacity to stand in the rivers of time and seen more than one outcome. We always have an array of possibilities before us if we take a second look. We can glimpse the future and see the consequence of our choices, thoughts and words. That power is within our grasp. 


Join Unity of Sarasota for a spirited dialogue on The Power of Your Words” each Monday evening in October, 7 p.m. The cost to attend is $10 per session. To enroll for materials, call 941-223-5060 or email 

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