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Transform Fear into Self-Confidence Through Hypnotherapy

Jun 01, 2011 03:07PM

Whether it’s fear of public speaking or discomfort in social situations, hypnotherapy can make a significant difference in your level of confidence. Utilizing relaxation exercises, visualization and hypnotic suggestion, hypnotherapy can help you transform feelings of fear, anxiety and low self-esteem into calm confidence and success.

First, your hypnotherapist will teach you proper deep breathing and other relaxation techniques to calm your mind and body, releasing stress, tension and anxiety. Next you will visualize a situation you have feared in the past, but this time you will use all of your senses to imagine the scene in the most positive way. You will imagine and feel how calm your body is and how confidently you stand and move. As you envision the scene unfolding, you will imagine everything taking place just as you desire. Because your subconscious mind believes the scene you are imagining is actually happening, it begins to embed this image, along with the calm confidence you are projecting, into your mind as reality. The more often you use your imagination in this positive way, the more it becomes a reality to your subconscious mind. And soon, these feelings of calm confidence and increased self-esteem actually become a part of who you are.

Cindy Kasper is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Sarasota. Her office is located at 5104 N Lockwood Ridge, Ste 207. For more information, please visit Cindy’s website at or call her at 941-893-7932. Cindy offers a free consultation.

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