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Home ReSale Strategy for Sellers

Jul 06, 2011 08:30AM ● By By Cheryl Grace

There is no question that Sarasota is a dream location and a desirable destination for baby boomers, young buyers, health professionals, and retirees. The Census Bureau continues to report that new residents relocating to Sarasota and the surrounding cities will support a strong housing market in the next 3-5 years.

As the real estate market remains challenging for sellers, we can better understand why this still remains a relatively soft market. Even with the approaching August slump in home sales, there are common denominators of why homes won’t sell. So before you give up completely, determine if any of the following tips can improve your chances for a quick and easy sale:

..Have an experienced real estate agent represent you and your property, as they can make a huge difference in the marketing approach and appeal of your home. Their expert guidance is crucial for competitive pricing and marketing your home effectively to increase traffic coming through your home. It only takes one buyer to secure a sale.

..Select a real estate agent who best represents your interests with strong people skills. Agents who don’t return phone calls to buyer’s agents or fail to network with other real estate professionals are not working in your best interest.

..Make your home easy to see. If you refuse to have a lock box on the front door, or you create obstacles with time restrictions for both the buying or selling agent, you are creating an environment for a slower sale. Agents will want to take their clients to see homes that are available to their clients when they want to view them, not when you do.

..Resist the temptation to sell your home “as is.” Homes that need a great deal of repair and are not ready to move in appeal to a very small number of potential buyers. You also may be unintentionally signaling that there are an abundance of hidden repairs or problems. This is a recipe for disaster.

..Inadequate marketing will bring you the least amount of potential buyers. Effective marketing should include the Multiple Listing Systems (MLS), a visible sign in front of your home, and advertising in appropriate local/regional/national magazines, newspapers and Internet sites. In addition, open houses organized effectively by your agent will bring other agents and their clients into your home.

..Hire a professional to stage your home for sale. Homes staged with Feng Shui sell faster because they appeal to buyers with simplicity, ideal arrangement of furniture, artwork and accessories, curb appeal and staging to the strong selling points of the home. The goal is to transform your dwelling to a comfortable and spacious environment that raises the market value and invites perspective buyers to stay and linger. Feng shui will tip the scales in your direction for a faster and easier sale.

If you have a question on how to redecorate your home and improve your life using Feng Shui principles, email [email protected] or send your question to Natural Awakenings Magazine, c/o Cheryl Grace, and your question may be featured in a future article. Cheryl Grace is a professional Feng Shui consultant and nationally certified Interior Refiner.

For more information on how a Feng Shui consultation can improve your life, contact Cheryl at 941-400- 3816 or visit [email protected] com. Cheryl is also available for speaking engagements and seminars. For more green home articles visit

.. Calculate if your asking price is higher than the current market dictates. Your home should represent fair market value and be in line with recent sales in your area.
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