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K9 Korral Offers Behavioral Tips

Oct 03, 2011 03:42PM

Mark Shambour of K9 Korral in Sarasota answers the question of why dogs behave a certain way. His answer, “You’re just like your father!”

An integral part of K9 Korral’s business is behavioral training. Mark notes that a dog that has been with you for some time will usually mimic you as much as 74 percent of your behavior and personality. After several years of this, it’s no wonder that Spot is just like his owner!

At K9 Korral, the team’s first step is to identify what the behavior is and to redirect that undesirable behavior into a positive one.

For instance, a dog that jumps is more likely to jump more if you yell at it and push it off of you. “In a dog’s world, you are initiating play,” Mark explained. “Therefore turn, ignore the dog, put your hand out so it doesn’t knock you over, and after a few seconds, turn back to the dog and redirect him to sit.” In other words, redirect the negative to a positive and get the dog “four on the floor.”

He stresses, however, to never treat your dog when you redirect a negative to a positive behavior. You don’t want the dog to learn that a jump gets a treat.

For more information about training and holistic pet supplies at K9 Korral, please visit or call 941-915-8181.

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