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BodySculptingMD Introduces Stem-cell Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation


Mark Walter, MD, founder of BodySculptingMD, announced recently that he is using a new treatment for rejuvenating the skin. The process involves using the body’s own stem cells to stimulate collagen production in the skin. The stem cells, which are extracted from the person’s blood, help the skin form collagen and erase unwanted effects of sun damage.
“I’ve used this process before with orthopedic patients,” said Dr. Walter, “but applying this proven technology to collagen replacement in the skin is, frankly, revolutionary. We are seeing amazing results.” Unlike more radical skin treatments, this new technique involves no injections, no pain and no downtime. The result, according to Dr. Walter, is a healthy, translucent glow to the skin and an elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. With repeated treatments, deeper wrinkles can also be minimized. 
Susan Lewis of BodySculptingMD noted that one of the greatest benefits is that, after the initial treatment in the doctor’s office, the client can continue the therapy at home with a specially-formatted topical product that continues to produce collagen in the skin. She encourages Natural Awakenings readers to call for a free initial consultation, at which time an individualized treatment modality will be determined for each client’s skin condition and desire for improvement.
To schedule a free consultation or for more information, please call 941-955-4325.
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