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Integrated Mindset Announces Business Consulting Services

Feb 09, 2012 01:39PM


Being a spiritual person in today’s economy can be challenging. Cindy Readnower (formerly Cindy Snowball) of Integrated Mindset, LLC, owned two restaurant franchises for several years. She found that often people would use the concept of “it’s not personal, it’s just business” as an excuse for taking advantage of someone. Cindy can help you find a balance between being ruthless and competitive; taking care of yourself or taking care of others; and find innovative ways to market your business or start a new one.
If you’re considering a new venture think about what really makes you tick, what gets you fired up in the morning and keeps you going long hours. If the business you want to get into doesn’t do these things for you, then maybe you need to look elsewhere. Even if a business is a surefire money-maker you will still need to be prepared to work unusual hours, to learn basic accounting, maintain records, sell your product or yourself and market the company. If you need employees, where will you find them, what will you need to pay them and will you enjoy managing them? Consider if you will ever get bored with the product. People are usually enthusiastic for the first few years, then often it wanes. Can you sell the business later or will you be tied to loans?
Cindy can help you consider all the positives and negatives of your own ideas as well as brainstorm ways to energize your business.
For more information or to schedule and appointment, please call 941-524-1022.
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