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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Reverend Cheney Returns to Sarasota

Feb 24, 2012 12:19PM


Reverend Lois Cheney, natural clairvoyant and trained psychic medium, has returned to her Sarasota home after a year of teaching, lecturing and counseling for clients and various spiritualist groups in Arizona. As an ordained spiritualist counselor, she offers channeled information from guides, teachers, angels and departed loved ones; readings by telephone or in person; spiritual healings; chakra entraining with tuning forks, color breathing, crystals and affirmations; complete energy clearing for homes or offices; commitment ceremonies and weddings in locations of your choice. She brings over 34 years of experience in metaphysics and psychic phenomena.
Rev. Cheney’s many clients are generous in their praise of her in-depth analysis of life challenges, her overall accuracy in path direction and especially her gentle kindness in dealing with otherwise difficult situations.
Those who have availed themselves of her chakra clearing and entraining have said that they enjoy greater balance and clarity in their lives and relationships. The improvements that can occur as a result of improved chakra performance and cooperation are likely to be observed not only in the physical health of a person but also in the emotional, mental and spiritual.
Rev. Cheney’s articles can be read at For appointments or more information call Rev. Cheney at 928-300-2030.
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