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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Shaman Jack Alexander Offers Forecasting Stones

Apr 20, 2012 03:12PM


Shaman Intuitive Jack Alexander (“Golden Feather”) announces the use of new  forecasting stones for helping clients answer yes/no, stay/go questions. Gifted with an original set of Crystal Oracle® gemstones and accompanying healing cloth from the method’s designer, famous trance medium clairvoyant Linda Waldron, Jack uses these powerful healing stones to address people’s questions, misgivings and/or challenges.
Throughout the ages, crystals have been revered for their mysterious ability to connect with healing and knowledge. Their perfectly geometric, atomic structure makes them especially stable and gives them electrical properties to act as “transducers.” Jack uses an amethyst crystal as a receiver, aquamarine as a tuner, carnelian to ground, tourmaline to amplify, and rose quartz as a transmitter. He is available to address concerns of any nature and to answer questions on all subjects.
The more challenging the dilemma at hand, the better Jack is at helping to resolve it. Born shaman, he is an ordained healing minister and was recognized and initiated into the shamanic technology of the sacred by Chief White Feather in 1992. Jack offers all-faith, community-based spiritual guidance, land and house blessings, medicine card readings, Crystal Oracle® readings and shamanic trainings.
To schedule with Jack, visit or call 941-359-9222.
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