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Eating Healthy... the feng shui way...

May 03, 2012 03:35PM

girl eating strawberry

Every culture has some kind of medicinal wisdom, and feng shui doctrine is no different. Feng shui is all  about improving or restoring energy, whether it is inyour home, your office cubicle or the way you eat. Food is energy, and the more natural and healthy choices you make about the food you consume makes a huge difference in the amount of vibrant energy you have.

There is no shortage of sales pitches for what and where you should eat. The feng shui way is choosing what Mother Nature abundantly offers to us organically: whole foods that are rich in essential nutrients and are closest to their natural state. You are choosing to eat food grown locally verses eating refined/processed foods flown in from Chile. There is a lot of motivation to explore new and better ways of eating. Americans are becoming increasingly sick with illnesses that can be linked to toxic environments and poor choices of food. In the U.S., one person is killed by heart disease every minute, and 1,500 people die from cancer every day.

To the horror of some manufacturers and food industry lobbyists, below is some food for thought that may help dispel myths about whole foods and will guide you to making better decisions about what you choose to eat.

Animal based protein vs food based protein: Don’t worry about getting enough protein if you choose a plant based protein diet over an animal based protein diet, including protein eaten from dairy and eggs. Vegetables, legumes, and grains, such as beans, millet, oatmeal, whole grain pasta, wheat berries, spinach, mushrooms, corn and potatoes have plenty of protein. Animal based foods, such as beef, chicken, turkey and pork are full of fat and cholesterol that are the building blocks for heart disease.

While eating egg whites for protein is better than eating an egg yolk that contain 212 milligrams of cholesterol and 5 grams of fat, the egg white is pure animal protein that can be harsh on the kidneys and leech calcium from your bones. Choosing to eat fish (for its healthy omega-3 fatty acids) still contains more cholesterol than either red meat or chicken. If cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease are strokes are a concern for you, switch to plant-based products to reduce plaque build up.

Note: If you do eat a whole foods/plant based diet with no animal protein, you may be deficient in Vitamin B12. This crucial vitamin is necessary for the proper function of the nervous system and brain. B12 is found in organ meats, salmon, lean beef, Swiss cheese, milk, eggs and white meat chicken. Take a B12 supplement instead.

Dairy vs non-dairy products: Eating a daily portion of dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt) for healthy bones and overall health has been pounded into us by the milk and dairy industry. It is a myth that you can’t get enough calcium from a plant based diet. Vegetables, beans and whole grains, such green leafy vegetables, nuts, oranges, kidney and lima beans, Swiss chard, lentils, raisins, broccoli, kale, and celery are some of the best available sources of calcium.

People in rural China have almost zero cases of osteoporosis and they consume one-third of the amount of dairy that Americans do. One reason for a high incidence of osteoporosis is the link to an excess of animal protein. Dairy is hidden in potato chips, breakfast cereals, tomato sauces and other “non-dairy” foods in the form of casein, whey, whey protein, lactose, etc. Instead, choose almond or rice milk for your cereal and forget the cheese altogether! Cheese is high in calories and loaded with saturated fat and animal protein.

Olive/Canola Oils vs. Plant based oils: Not all oils are equal. Olive and canola oils have been recommended as a healthier choice of oil, but they are not a whole food. The oil that you buy in the store is refined, low in nutrients and high in saturated fat….the artery-clogging kind. You can get your healthy forms of fat from walnuts, ground flaxseed, hemp seed, soybeans, and green leafy vegetables. Getting your fat from plant based foods means consuming healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats instead of saturated fats. Use the meat drawer in your refrigerator for storing gluten free oatmeal, and hemp-flax-chia seeds.

Gluten vs Gluten Free: Gluten has been recently linked to a variety of digestive related illnesses and diseases such as migraines, diabetes and neurological disorders. You do not have to be diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac disease to benefit from a gluten free diet. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, malt and oats. But it’s also often found as an ingredient in sauces, cosmetics and lipstick, spices, liquorice, and even the glue on stamps and envelopes! Dr. William Davis, a preventive cardiologist, states that the wheat protein lectin changes the permeability of the intestinal lining and allows unwanted foreign substances into the bloodstream. He goes on to say that the inflammation caused by unwanted foreign substances is likely behind autoimmune diseases triggered by wheat. Even if you are not gluten intolerant, eliminating gluten from your diet can help with allergies, fatigue, IBS, constipation, hives and weight loss.

The most important thing to remember when moving toward a healthier way of eating is to concentrate on the foods you can eat, not the foods you can’t eat. Enjoy a balanced diet of gluten free oatmeal and whole grain cereals, a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, whole grain pasta with oil free sauces, eggplant lasagna, beans, lentils, corn, potatoes, rice hummus, lavosh, veggie burgers, popcorn and fruit sorbet.

It’s more likely that the delicious meals or comfort food you are addicted to taste good because of the way they are prepared, not from the actual food itself. Imagine eating a cooked plain pork chop without frying it in oil; without any sauces and void of seasoning. Cook your whole foods, plant based, dairy and gluten free food with spices, onion, garlic, mushrooms, lemon and limes to help achieve the savory flavors you enjoy.

Cheryl Grace is a professional Feng Shui consultant and is the Winner of the 2008-2011 Natural Choice Award for Preferred Feng Shui Practitioner. Call 941-400-3816 for a Feng Shui consultation for your home or business or visit

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