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Pet's Life, Naturally

Jun 04, 2012 06:33PM


The name says it all: Pet’s Life Naturally, and the concept is simple. Provide healthy, natural food, supplements and treats to enhance pets’ health.
The store is immaculate, with shiny floors and beautifully arranged products. It’s colorful, too, drawing customers in with a warm, welcoming and fun atmosphere.
Store owner Patricia Castaneda is a life-long animal lover. “I always knew I would have a career working with animals,” she said. “My degree from the University of Mexico in marine biology led me to 10 years of field biology work to help endangered sea turtles in Mexico and the United States.”
But her passion turned to pets as she struggled with ailments exhibited by her four Rhodesian Ridgebacks. “They were constantly scratching, overweight and with ear problems,” she noted. “Not finding any other obvious causes, it became apparent to me that these symptoms were the result of their diet.”
With her own pets as inspiration, she opened Pet’s Life Naturally in February of 2008. Her life, and now her career, is dedicated to helping animals, naturally.
When asked about how she initially chose the products to carry in her store, Patricia responded, “I had done quite a bit of research and knew there was good product out there. I studied all of the labels, but wanted to be sure that the products I carried were convenient, too. And, of course, the pets had to love them!”
“I don’t care, really, if a product is selling well nationally. I research all the new products and only carry those that I believe are the healthiest, most appealing and right for my customers,” she stated. “To me, the issue is not simply the bottom line of profit. I want to offer affordable products to my customers that they can’t get anywhere else, and I pride myself on meeting my customers’ individual needs.”
“When people come here, we have to see what they’re struggling with,” she continued. “My staff is well versed in how to ask a lot of the right questions. This is always the best way to please our customers and assures that we give them the products that they need. Customers will tell us, ‘my dog’s skin is much better, he’s eating better and he’s happier’,” she said. “That makes for a happy customer, which makes me happy as well!”
Another element that makes her customers happy is a party, and parties are frequent at Pet’s Life Naturally. “We celebrated our fourth anniversary last month and had a lot of people here,” she explained. “We’ll do a Customer Appreciation Party and have fun getting together and having fun. Many of the vendors come, and that’s great, as people can talk to the product reps one-on-one.”
“The diets we carry use only the best and freshest ingredients, including grass-fed and free-range meats, free of antibiotics and hormones,” she explained. There’s a variety of canned, dry kibble, organic, grain-free, refrigerated, freeze dried and frozen raw foods appropriate for all stages of a pet’s life.
Pet’s Life Naturally has the area’s largest selection of natural and homeopathic remedies and supplements. The extensive selection of herbal remedies, vitamins and homeopathic supplements includes essential oils, flower essences, and herbal and homeopathic remedies.
Patricia explained how supplements affect various conditions. Allergy products, for example, work as natural antihistamines to reduce heat and inflammation in the body, soothe and heal itchy skin, shot spots, pimples and rashes, while building a better immune response. For pets suffering from anxiety, she recommends a calming supplement for relief. Other supplements are recommended for dental care, digestive support, eye and ear care, flea and tick prevention, urology and weight control.
Zimba’s Bubble House, a dog wash and grooming spa for dogs, is on the premises. Named after one of Patricia’s dogs, the cage-free facility opened in June of 2011. Only all-natural shampoos and conditioners are used to groom the dogs. Each pet is made to feel calm and relaxed, and is treated with a gentle hand throughout the grooming process. Roselyn, a certified professional pet hair stylist, is the groomer at Zimba’s, and a staff of six help in the store. Patricia supports local shelters, rescues, and actively works with holistic veterinarians for our local pets health and wellness. Once a year the company sponsors a pet food drive in support of local shelters, including the Humane Society of Manatee County, Manatee Animal Services, and more.
“The key to our success is providing a high level of customer service,” she said. “I believe we are accomplishing that, and I’m grateful for the support that this community has given me in the past four years. I look forward to many more years of serving pet owners in Palmetto and our surrounding communities.”
Pet’s Life Naturally is located at 523 8th Avenue West, Palmetto, Florida 34221 and is open seven days a week. Call 941-723-1715 or visit for more information.
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