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This Summer, Take to the Water to Beat the Heat and Workout!

Jul 06, 2012 01:26PM


H2O Workouts® by Francine Milford, LMT, offers a series of water exercises for all fitness levels. Choose from basic moves, pool pretzel, half noodle and pool noodle, to pool ball fun and more.
Francine has been teaching water fitness classes for more than 20 years and has created videos and booklets filled with the same classes she has taught in places such as the YMCA, Lifestyle Fitness, condo associations, and to private clientele.
Exercises listed in her book are classified into three different exercise intensities.
- Level One: a basic level which is great for new exercisers and beginner water workouts
- Level Two: an intermediate level which offers a variety of more intense moves for the legs and arms
- Level Three: most strenuous workout level – raises the heart rate into the aerobic range
The pool environment is fun and easy on the joints -- it is the great equalizer for all exercisers. Take the plunge and see what the water has to offer you! You can purchase the book, video and even the pool noodles and balls by visiting
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