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On1Cycle Opens The Only Dedicated Indoor Cycling Studio in Sarasota

Jul 06, 2012 01:38PM


Sarasota residents eager to take part in ‘spinning’ or ‘spinning class’ finally have an option that doesn’t require a gym membership or any type of contract with a trainer. On1Cycle is filled with spinning bikes, stationary bikes that lean and pitch similar to racing bikes, and is dedicated entirely to the pursuit of spinning – you won’t see elliptical and treadmills at On1Cycle!
Owner/Instructor Reid Withrow says “When you come to On1Cycle, a lot of people say it feels like a trendy club or a boutique – there is music playing, the bikes have lights on them that make them shine and look cool, and it feels like fun. Being ‘On1’ means feeling like you are right where you should be – when you are spinning, it feels great. You may be sweaty and tired when you leave, but you’ll have fun the whole time, and you’ll look forward to coming back!”
To spin at On1Cycle, you can go online to schedule a class or to reserve a bike. Single rides are $15, but right now there are 3 ride specials available for $30. Packages are also available, and riders can choose from several options - including unlimited rides for one or three months. Private and group sessions are also available upon request. On1Cycle uses an online payment system that allows one to choose exactly what they want to do. With On1Cycle, you can tailor your spinning experiences around your expectations, not gym membership requirements.
For more information about On1Cycle, visit
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