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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

August 2012

Aug 09, 2012 01:14PM

As you may know, each month our magazine focuses on a different theme. This month’s focus is on family health. Although it is primarily geared toward back-to-school, many of the articles apply to all of us. You will find some great tips and ideas, whether your family contains children, pets or just yourself.

Back-to-School is an interesting part of the year. It is a second New Year of sorts. It’s a time to start fresh with a new plan of action and expectations of what’s to come. Even as adults, long past school age, I think we still take a bit of that excitement with us into our adulthood.

What a great time to alter our path and improve our lives.

Some of the suggestions you read this month may seem obvious, but implementing even the smallest changes in our health habits can lead to larger lifestyle changes. For children especially, the foundation that is provided for them can go a long way. I think being introduced to a variety of foods and activities in childhood is what gave me the desire to explore health alternatives. Sometimes just a taste of something new can stimulate curiosity and growth.

Healthy Eating Family-Style, No-Fuss Stay-Trim Strategies (page 50), this month’s feature article, provides some food for thought on what can become a part of our daily lives that we sometimes take for granted —nourishing our bodies. I promise you will find at least one idea you haven’t thought of to mix it up in the kitchen.

Speaking of mixing it up, I encourage all of you to read this month’s green living article, Investing in Main Street by Rebecca Leisher (page 64). The recent push to invest locally can have such an amazing impact on all of us on the gulf coast, and allows us to not only send an important message to Wall Street, but lets us to invest locally with institutions that are more accountable for their actions.

After reading the article, please take the time to share it with individuals you may know that lead a local non-profit or community-based institution. Sometimes organizations don’t think about how their money can be invested more responsibly. What better way to reform the financial market than a grassroots movement that positively impacts our community locally.

Enjoy our August issue of Natural Awakenings!

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