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Flower Power: Treating Your Pet with Flower Essence Remedies

Aug 10, 2012 06:00PM ● By Mary Sue Comstock

Many flowers and plants possess the power to heal, earning them a place in your garden and your medicine cabinet. At the local farmers’ market you might find Lavender, Echinacea and Basil, all familiar plants that are used for their herbal and healing properties.

For thousands of years, before the advent of modern medicine, plants, herbs and flowers’ healing benefits were widely used by ancient cultures. More recently, Dr. Edward Bach, a famous English physician, first developed Bach Flower Remedies in 1930 when he was working as a homeopathic practitioner. The famous Bach Flower Remedies are still popular today.
For the family pet, flower essence remedies are a safe and effective way to treat a wide variety of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical issues. Common issues such as anxiety from loud noises or thunderstorms, fear, abuse and neglect, grief and aggressiveness respond well to the gentle but powerful liquid plant remedies.
Flower Essences Are Useful For People and Pets
Animals have emotions, attitudes and personalities just like humans. We know that pets absorb the emotions of the people close to them and are deeply affected by their home environment. Emotional turmoil can lead to disease because the physical body is depleted of its natural vitality and the immune system becomes compromised. Many times both pet owners and their pets will benefit from using the same remedy because they are so connected.
For pets, flower essences work subtly, yet often dramatically, to remove emotional obstacles, which allows the expression of more positive and desirable traits. Essences work to bring unhealthy behaviors and emotional imbalances back into a healthy balance. In animals there is no placebo effect. It’s easier to see when a pet is feeling better.
Health is a Combination of Things – Not Just Physical
Flower essences address many scenarios pet owners may experience. The family dog, once at the center of the family, is now jealous when the new baby comes home. The flower essence Holly is useful in this situation. The message is, “there is enough love to go around.”
Anxiety or shyness can be treated with Larch for “building confidence.” Pearl, a two-year old Sheltie, responded within several days to her remedy and Healing Touch for Animals ™ session. Although subtle, the positive changes have  stayed with her. She is less shy and fearful with new peopleas well as more confident during thunderstorms.
Borage, a beautiful blue, star-like flower with a golden stamen brings “courage of the heart,” or California Wild Rose encourages “enthusiasm for life.” These remedies are often used in combination with other holistic therapies and promote well-being.
Sometimes flower essences are confused with herbal tinctures and aromatherapy. The healing properties of plants are also used in these other treatment modalities. Typically herbs and herbal tinctures are used to support physical health. Aromatherapy most often essential oils, which are highly concentrated and fragrant essences of plants, help balance physical and emotional states. Flower essences are different in that they are highly diluted, liquid plant substances. Only the flower is used and they are scent-free.
Flower essences assist with the healing of emotional and spiritual imbalances. They work well with anxiety, fear and stress related issues. Physical health is impacted positively too.
How do flower essences work? Flower energy is highly refined and purified. The vibrational level of flowers is faster than that of animal or human energy. Each plant species and each individual animal or person has a unique vibrational frequency. We all have unique experiences and our own healing path; so do our animal companions. Essences work by matching frequencies: when a flower’s rate of vibration matches something missing in the animal or human energy field, the flower essences can work to replace the energy that is needed.
Plants Sustain Humans and Animals on Earth
Plants are considered teachers who convey the lessons they have learned on earth during their life and development. The beautiful little Penstamen flower grows under very difficult conditions in rocky, dry soil and in high altitudes. As a flower essence Penstamen has enormous strengthening powers and teaches us “perseverance and the possibility of growth” under the harshest circumstances. Animals who have undergone  traumatic life conditions or prolonged illness could benefitfrom this remedy.
Energy-based healing modalities do not separate physical from emotional symptoms. In holistic care the whole animal is treated. Flower essences, Healing Touch for Animals,™ essential oils, massage and acupuncture are all energy-based modalities that are very effective especially in combination. Under the guidance of a veterinarian these healing modalities serve to address the physical and emotional issues that our pets may suffer and speed the process of healing.
For more information on healing with flower essences please visit the, and
Mary Sue Comstock is certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner and in Healing Touch for Animals™. She currently works out of several clinics in the area utilizing Healing Touch for Animals, ™ flower essences, aromatherapy, and animal communication. She is accepting appointments at Bear Creek Veterinary Alternatives under the guidance of Jaime Gonzalez DVM, CVA. Please call 941-312-6825 to schedule an appointment.
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