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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

September 2012

Sep 06, 2012 04:14PM


To be creative means to see some aspect of life in a new way and reflect that insight back with something new in how we think or act. People can be creative in every moment of living and find excitement, inspiration and even better health by the opening of mind and spirit that is the essence of living creatively. This month, Natural Awakenings will give you grist for your creativity mill.
Artistic expression is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when we think of creativity. While participation as an artist may seem daunting, remember that we are participating whether as an observer or performer. Going to a gallery, a play, taking a dance class or music lessons are all ways we can be moved and inspired by art. Judith Fertig’s article “Exploring Our Creative Side” (page 52) is an especially encouraging read. Fertig examines how people of all ages and skills can achieve personal growth through the arts. Finding and supporting the arts organizations in our community not only strengthens the community, but it provides a joyful and effective medium for personal growth.
Our most precious treasure is health, and findings avenues to expand our wellness is a perfect avenue for creativity. Encountering healers who transcend what we expect can not only provide a healing experience but inspire us to look at our health in new ways. Dr. Michael Rosen-Pyros, well known in Sarasota as the “barefoot chiropractor” informs us about a therapeutic blending of chiropractic and Thai massage (page 62). This unique treatment combination is a reflection of Dr. Rosen-Pyros’ studies of medicine, yoga philosophy and massage techniques.
Our Healing Ways feature offers information on the newly emerging field of “Functional Medicine” (page 68), an approach to healing designed to identify underlying causes of illness and to carry out effective treatment. It’s a promising advance that includes a healthy focus on the roles diet, nutrition, and exposure to environmental toxins play in our search for long term wellness.
Perhaps nowhere in the consideration of health maintenance is there more room for creative thought than in our diets. This month’s Conscious Eating feature discusses the problems of a wheat-dominated diet. Whether wheat based food products are a problem in your health or not, writer Lee Walkers interview with Dr. William Davis (page 58) will inform you and provide the basis for making important decisions about your health.
Financial health and money management are arenas in which most of us could find improvement. How wonderful it would be if the habits and discipline for managing money could begin in childhood and flow naturally into our adult lives. In our Healthy Kids feature this month, Sharon Lechter (Making Allowances, page 66) offers four strategies for raising financially savvy kids.
We hope you enjoy this month’s Natural Awakenings and find in it the sparks for your creativity.
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