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Designed to Prosper: Office Makeover


Fall is the perfect time to take on a redesign project in your home or place of business. Whether you use your office part-time or full time, your office can be skillfully redesigned to represent a showcase of your creativity, activity and successful ventures. An office make-over will breathe new life into this space and redirect the energy towards more fruitful rewards for your hard efforts.
According to feng shui protocol, whether you are working from home or in a business dwelling, the most powerful location for your personal office in the front part of the building or home. This ideal setting is more active energy for those individuals who are production oriented, such as sales. For artists, writers, or any vocation that requires contemplation and quiet surroundings, the back of the structure creates the ideal atmosphere.
Once you denote the area for your office, the location of your desk becomes a critical link to your achievements. The best case scenario is to be able to have a view of the door, a lovely view of the outdoors, and a solid wall behind you. If you have to sacrifice one over the other, choose to face the door, but not directly in front of it. If you’re in the market to buy a new desk, there are modern desk models available that contain a panel to hide electrical and computer wires within the desk structure, making it unnecessary to place your desk facing a wall. For those who already have a favorite desk, give your existing desk a “facelift” with a modern paint finish or resurfacing with a new coat of stain.
Decluttering your office to create space for new ideas to flourish should be a priority. About 80 percent of the clutter in your office is a result of disorganization, not lack of space. The average executive wastes six weeks a year (one hour per day) searching for missing information on messy desks and digging through files. Combine this with research that points to 80% of papers filed are never referenced again, you have to ask yourself why are your file drawers full of paper? We are fully in an electronic and digital generation where everything can be found through a computer search or file.  
Painting the walls of your office a color that resonates with you influences your mood, stimulates your mind and stirs action-oriented results. If you understand the relationship between color and energy, you can alter your mood simply by using color effectively in your environment. Pick a paint color that accents or boosts your personality and go for it! Bringing in new and task-oriented lighting can improve your skill and focus. Carefully selecting artwork and accessories that are meaningful to you and are strategically placed on the walls and surfaces can produce uplifting and inspirational feelings. Resist any negative image or memory that fail to support and preserve a positive point of view. What is placed on your walls or on desktops can be either “visual clutter” or motivational support.
For a home office where your important papers may have to be handy and easily accessed, try organizing like-minded documents in expanding file folders. Various folders may include health records, financial documents, personal records and certificates, electronic and entertainment manuals, appliance/lighting/furniture handbooks. When it’s time for a meeting with your financial planner, you can easily grab the financial file folder and be on your way. In case of an emergency when you need to vacate your home, you won’t have to transport an entire file cabinet in the trunk of your car. Accessing labeled expanding files will assure you peace of mind when you’re in a hurry. 
Maintaining an organized and clutter-free environment will empower all of your senses and give you the ultimate space to create and plan for your future livelihood.
Cheryl Grace is a professional Feng Shui expert and a Hay House author. For a feng shui consultation for your home or business, contact Cheryl at (941) 400-3816 or visit
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