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Dr. Anna’s Pearl Cream, Affordable Anti-Aging

Oct 04, 2012 02:36PM

Dr. Anna Baker, better known as Dr. Anna, is a nationally certified doctor of Oriental Medicine and has been practicing in Sarasota since 1998. She has a private acupuncture facelift practice and is the inventor of Dr. Anna’s Pearl Cream. She invented her pearl cream after several products she had been importing from China seemed to be ineffective.

As a former research and development engineer, Dr. Anna’s background and knowledge of scientific principles and methods allowed her to investigate the types of ingredients essential to high quality, effective, and affordable anti-aging products. After researching several natural substances, Dr. Anna’s Pearl Cream was created in 2009 and was distributed in several locations throughout Sarasota. In April of this year, she opened a store exclusively dedicated to her products and has enjoyed seeing her customers benefit from her research.
“I’m a research scientist, and my products are based on proof and evidence that something really works,” says Dr. Anna. “My pearl cream uses the amino acids that are in natural pearls. Those amino acids have what they call signal proteins which make muscles three dimensionally contract. I have also added Chinese herbs that have various properties that help with clearing the skin and moving nutrients into the skin, and include Vitamin E as well.”
Dr. Anna says, “A key feature of my product is that there are absolutely no preservatives - preservatives destroy the amino acids’ properties that tighten the muscle. Also, preservative chemicals are not good for the skin, and can be very harmful to the body. There are many pearl creams available on the market, but all of them have preservatives. Our products are so fresh and healthy, they must be refrigerated.”
Although Dr. Anna’s Pearl Cream is her best known product, Dr. Anna has also created several other products that focus on anti-aging properties, including creams for the face, neck, and body. Recently she invented a new and exclusive product called Pearl Cream Plus Soy and Yam, for women over 40. Pearl Cream Plus Soy and Yam focuses on quick acting rejuvenation and muscle tightening, and has been very popular since its debut. Men also have products that are geared for their specific needs, including face, body, and hair growth creams.
A very popular product is Dr. Anna’s Body Cream, which rejuvenates skin and tightens muscles as well. Dr. Anna says, “The cream can be very helpful for people with medical problems like back aches, hip aches, and more. As you age, your muscles lose their tone, and then your bones can shift around and nerves can be impinged on.”
The products invented by Dr. Anna are moderately priced and affordable, and unlike most products of their type, have pictures to back up their claims of anti-aging and rejuvenating properties. has several before and after photos of users of each product, and it’s clear that each product refreshes the skin and improves skin and muscle quality. “With the pictures on our site, you can see there is a considerable change from before and after. As people age, the muscles relax. They lose their tone and then their face gets big and puffy, and eventually develops wrinkles. The three dimensional muscle tightening component of my products reverses the actual aging process,” says Dr. Anna.
According to Dr. Anna many of the products on the market work through a process she calls ‘micro-injuring’. When damage to the skin surface occurs, the body reacts by creating collagen and other repair products. These repair products give a temporary puffed out look to the face, but that happens because you’ve actually injured the skin. “There are a lot of products based on collagen, but when the collagen is all absorbed, you have to do it again and again. A lot of things can cause a change in your face, but a lot of that is because you’ve been damaging your skin.”
In addition to offering a variety of products at her store, Dr. Anna also provides seminars. In October, there will be three demonstrations of her product line at her store on October 12th, 19th, and 26th at 1pm. At the demonstrations, each participant will be able to sample the products and ask questions about their specific interests and needs. Dr. Anna’s Pearl Cream will also be participating in this year’s Sarasota Naturally event on November 10th in Downtown Sarasota.
Affordable anti-aging products are often considered a myth, but Dr. Anna’s Pearl Cream proves that effective and safe products can be purchased without doing damage to one’s budget or skin. Dr. Anna says, “I did a lot of comparisons when researching my products, and we definitely have the best value and the best products.”
Dr. Anna is offering a special 10% off of any product with mention of this article!
For more information, call 941-371-7400, visit, or go to Dr. Anna’s Pearl Cream at 5872 Bee Ridge Road.
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