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Energy and the Healing Process

Nov 01, 2012 01:19PM


Energy is the underlying basis for life. With proper energy levels in all systems we may remain relatively healthy. Without proper energy levels, our health diminishes along with our ability to joyously work and play. It takes energy to be alive and to do anything!
The energy of Primary Respiration initiates all development at conception. Soon after, Metabolic Energy Fields provide basic patterns for specific development and function. These underlying grids of energy are necessary to develop and to maintain health.
Kinetic energy is the type of energy a body possesses that allows it to move freely from rest to activity. We are constantly in motion, even when sleeping. Without motion of trillions of cells, all doing specific work to maintain health, the body will atrophy and die. The old saying, “use it or lose it,” is in fact true.
In the beginning, as infants and children, we generally have ample energy. Just watch a child try to sit still. To reach our potential and stay healthy, we must move a lot, expending tremendous amounts of energy learning and growing.
How does that change over time? How do we go from seemingly boundless energy and health to sickness, disease, pain and suffering?
The cause of symptoms and suffering is often that we have too much energy in our system. Energy in the wrong places becomes destructive. A river’s energy can be harnessed to produce electrical energy, but we would not want that river to break through the dam crashing through our neighborhood destroying our house. Destructive energy is often the result of trauma. Trauma has the power to take us out of health and into dis-ease, pain and other symptoms by wreaking havoc in the body.
Have you ever been traumatized by a car accident, physical injury, surgery or even bad news? Trauma events are life changing. A client described the trauma experience saying, “ever since the injury occurred, I have not been the same”.
Perhaps you feel that way. Has one or more events fundamentally changed your life? Are you surviving your life rather than living it? Are you unable to reach your full potential? Are you in pain or suffering in some way? Here are some examples of retained trauma.
Three years after a car accident, a woman was still experiencing extreme neck and back pain. She could barely move her neck. She also was extremely stressed every time she drove her car, a potentially dangerous state for herself and others. She was too weak to pick up her child.
Three years after heart surgery a woman experienced such constant crushing pressure and pain in her chest that she was in constant fear for her life and could hardly breathe.
Eight years after prostate cancer diagnosis, radiation treatment and drugs, a man was in pain, incontinent and experiencing other symptoms that were frustrating and ruining his quality of life.
In all three cases the response to the original event would not allow the body to heal itself. They remained out of balance and could not self-correct.
The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) manages energy in the body. A strong ANS dissipates harmful or dangerous energy. If harmful energy cannot be released the body retains it, like a rock in a stream. This creates patterns that lead to pain, strain and dysfunction.
Retained trauma may cause “fight, flight or freeze” states. These states rob the body of vital energy necessary for normal function. The body often tightens, limits range of motion in the joints, cannot digest and eliminate well and begins to show symptoms leading to pain and suffering.
Fortunately there is hope for people that want to feel better, happier and symptom free. There is a way to locate and release the underlying cause of the problem, eliminating pain and suffering. All the people mentioned previously in this article experienced profound changes in their health after receiving Craniosacral Therapy. They have moved out of “survival” mode and are living life more fully.
A certified Craniosacral Therapist with years of experience can locate trauma within the body, identifying the cause of the problem. By supporting the body with gentle techniques, Craniosacral Therapy can release traumatic energy, reorienting the body to original health. In other words, problems diminish, you feel better and the results last! Think about the energy you had as a kid. When trauma releases you can return to an experience of exuberance and vitality. Perhaps then you can be free to live life fully and pain free.
Ken DiPersio, LMT (MA11149) is a Certified CST practitioner with 21 years of experience. He practices CST at Full Spectrum Health in Sarasota. For information call 941-952-1200.
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