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Starflower Spathecary Introduces Bio-Dynamic Weight Loss

Nov 01, 2012 04:10PM


Starflower Organic Spathecary, 415 S Pineapple Ave. in Sarasota’s Historic Burns Square, has developed Bio-Dynamic Weight Loss, a comprehensive approach to weight loss. The process is based upon the disciplines of German Biological Medicine, including homeopathy and European Herbal Traditions; Ayurveda; and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Using multiple synthesized approaches gleaned from years of research, the company reports that they have developed a system that transcends other weight loss approaches. The system assists the body to regain balance triggering spontaneous weight loss in the quickest, easiest and most enjoyable way possible.
Because this is an entirely new paradigm based upon the principals of energy medicine, they heavily emphasize education empowerment as part of the program so that clients can understand the principals of quantum physics and energy dynamics upon which the system is solidly based. To that end, every week, an informal 30-minute Q&A info session is offered at the Spathecary for those with interest and questions. Free phone consultations are available with the Practitioner or private consultations can be scheduled for a fee.
For more information, please call 941-554-4292.
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