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Calling all Boomers: Party with Zumba Gold

Dec 05, 2012 12:50PM


Watching a demonstration or class, however, has also intimidated some people, especially those over 50. The jumping and high energy moves may look effortless for young people, but might be off-putting to someone older. Zumba Gold® is a form of this exercise that uses the regular Zumba formula—fun, easy-to-follow routines choreographed to high-energy Latin and international music –modified for the Baby Boomer population.
Beth Golden, a local Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor since 2009, explained that Zumba Gold has lower impact moves at a slower pace. “It’s gentle on the knees and hips, using a full range of motion for an older, active adult,” she said. “Zumba Gold offers fitness and range of motion moves good for every type of body as well as a strong focus on balance. Zumba Gold participants get strengthening, toning of muscles, coordination challenges and cardio besides the fun, dancing and social aspect of regular Zumba.” Golden addressed some common questions that newcomers to Zumba or Zumba Gold may ask.
Why Zumba Gold?
Any workout that is fun can motivate people to stay with it. A lot of Baby Boomers grew up dancing. We miss it, but once “reunited” with energetic dance we feel younger and more in tune with our bodies.
What to expect?
Expect your Zumba Gold instructor to explain the moves to make sure everyone is following. You’ll repeat the steps more often than with regular Zumba, and you’ll hear music from Broadway hit plays to current pop songs. A good Zumba instructor will leave their ego at the door, and let the class just have a great time while getting an effective and safe workout. Class times vary from gym to gym, but normal Zumba Gold classes are anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour long.
What muscles will I work?
Besides regular cardio moves, you’ll work every muscle from fingers, hands, and ankles. Everything!
What should I wear?
Wear workout clothes, athletic shoes with cushioning and support, and a smoother sole since grip on the flooring is bad for your knees when doing a turn. Bring a water bottle and a towel to dab that sweat!
Who can attend Zumba Gold? 
Absolutely anyone. Zumba Gold is a safe, friendly environment. It’s the participant’s time to shine. Golden said that what she loves most about the Zumba program is that it is so inclusive of all people, ethnicities and styles of dance. “Zumba Gold is a great place to start if you need to lose some weight and are uncomfortable in a regular Zumba class,” she said. “Women who are pregnant or nursing and want to stay low-impact are also welcome. This fitness party is good for anyone!” Beth has personally met many Zumba Gold instructors who teach their classes from a wheelchair, as it is inclusive of all body types. One word of caution, however, is to check with your physician before beginning any form of exercise, and make sure and let your Zumba Gold instructor know if you have any medical needs or conditions. “For example,” she said, “if someone just had a hip replacement, we need to know that. We respect the privacy issues in today’s medical world, but be sure and give your instructor some guidelines if you have any medical restrictions.”
Beth Golden’s classes, located at 5000 Fruitville Road, are on-going in Sarasota and new participants are always welcome. Check the schedule and enroll at, or call 941-374- 1560. Drop-ins are welcome on Monday and Wednesday at 11:45am.
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