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Thank You! Changing the World, Two Words at a Time

Dec 05, 2012 01:05PM


It seems like people are frustrated about everything these days and can’t wait to share their story with you. Whether it’s the about the state of the economy, health care issues, or the fears and frustrations associated with the job market, people want to complain. Positive stories are rarely seen on the evening news and, if they appear, they have to include an adorable animal to arouse even a snippet of compassion.
To accept life just as it is, including life’s ups and downs, is to understand what the Yin-Yang philosophy is all about. The ebb and flow of life is Nature’s way of balancing the extremes. The housing market is a prime example of bringing order to chaos. For many years the booming real estate market was fueled by greed rather than by a genuine increase in the actual, intrinsic value of our homes. Ultimately, something had to restore balance, and so the housing and real estate industry, having spiraled out of control, finally spiraled downward. Once you accept that this as part of the natural cycle of life, you don’t get caught up in your own expectations of how life should conduct itself.
Perfectionists spend the majority of their life trying to create near-perfect conditions by controlling their career, their relationships, and their appearance. Instead of being content and thankful for what they already have, they strive for something better. Beingattached to perfection fuels your competitive spirit.
It’s easy to say thank you anytime someone gives you a gift or does something nice for you, but there are other blessings around you that are equally opportunities to be grateful. Having a blissful night of sleep, rising to a sunny (or rainy) day, enjoying the work that you do, having loving familyand friends, and having enough money to pay your bills is just the surface of all the things to be grateful for. Say thank you out loud at every opportunity. And, as you make a routine of it, you’ll become more aware of how many things are really going quite well for you, regardless of what is going on with the rest of the world
When you’re able to start your car on the first try, say thank you. You’re acknowledging that it’s working properly and you’re able to get on your way. Resist charging through yellow lights at intersections; you’re being asked to slow down your pace and become safer in doing so. Should you get a traffic ticket, say thank you. The Universe cares about your safety and that of others. Now envision everyone in the world becoming more relaxed and peaceful because they feel good.
Saying thank you—and saying it often—trains you to respond differently to the dramas of life. You’re automatically developing compassion, understanding, and empathy by pushing away critical viewpoints. Accept every compliment you receive sincerely and graciously with a thank you. Be grateful for everyone who believes in you, cares about you, supports you, helps you, understands you, and trusts you. Even the electrical company trusts you when they provide service to your home. It means you have the ability to pay. Say thank you when you turn your lights on!
Encourage instead of criticizing, and never give up on anybody. If we each do our part to care, we can change the world two words at a time. Thank you!
Cheryl Grace is a professional feng shui consultant and a Hay House author. Feng Shui Simply: Change Your Life from the Inside Out will be available on 4.29.13 at various book outlets. For more information on feng shui, visit
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