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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

New Earth Birthday Celebrations

Dec 05, 2012 12:38PM


A little over four years ago when I moved here, the buzz was all about the Mayan Calendar and the end of life as we understand it on December 21, 2012. After much speculation and theorizing about just what this might mean (that translated into profi ts for many), many of us came to what seems now an obvious conclusion. There may be an end to a calendar but we are at a beginning of a brand new day. We are preparing to “birth” a whole new reality where humanity has the opportunity to fully embrace its sacred authority and deeply engage its power. There is no turning back from our empowered evolutionary destiny. Andrew Cohen states, “We can’t go back. In fact there is nowhere to go back to. The simpler world that we may yearn to return to simply doesn’t exist anymore.”
In June I heard Barbara Marx Hubbard give public voice to my yearning for humanity to awaken to its sacred authority. She echoed my belief that we are all invited to midwife a new realty on this planet centered on collaboration for the well being of all life. Sacred authority is our birthright and it is obvious that we must claim it as a means for enlightened evolution. Right now and right here we can creatively express with hands of compassion while at the same time remaining fully centered in peace.
Barbara Marx Hubbard is a globally respected author, speaker and founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. This past June she served as a Key at an International Conference that I attended. As she shared her thoughts one could feel the excitement grow as we listened in rapt attention to her inspiring and empowering insight on how the global destiny is in our hands. In her words, “We can see that we are naturally hitting a limit to one form of consciousness and of growth in the womb of Earth.” She went on to say, “Opening our collective eyes we discover that we already have the capacity to solve every problem and realize unimaginable new capacities.”
After her lecture she invited us to share how we might join together in sacred intention and serve as midwives to a new time of a planetary birth for conscious evolution. At that point I stood up and suggested that we celebrate this time by forming with others in our towns and cities a conscious collective of individuals who are willing, ready and able to step cross the threshold from the self-centered “me and mine dimension” to the inclusive “We and our reality.”
All across the globe we can agree to gather in groups celebrating the dawn of a new compassionate intention while still claiming our individual creative authority. We can integrate beyond the yin and yang energy and move in holistic blend of the best of both. Then I sat down wondering what in the world did I just say and can I possibly say it again.
The conference agreed to invite all to join together in hosting New Earth Birthday Celebrations in our communities. Unity of Sarasota, Sarasota Center of Light, Center for Positive Living, Center for Spiritual Living Sarasota, Fellowship of Shared Spirituality join together planting seeds of sacred intention for conscious evolution. One roof. We invite the Sarasota Community to join us December the 22 at 5 PM at Unity of Sarasota. Coming together we plant seeds for conscious collaboration. We offer Blessings for our enlightened and empowered Conscious Evolution. We speak as one voice in establishing a world that works for all.
Rev. Elizabeth Thompson seeks ways to serve as a transforming agent for those who are ready to take the helm of their own vessel of life experience. Life is a spiritual adventure designed for each of us to thrive, celebrate and evolve as we experience it.
Over the past 25 (plus) years she has had the privilege and honor of serving as a Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, Workshop Leader, Music Minister, Speaker, and Spiritual Mediation Specialist and Senior Minister. Rev. Elizabeth has pioneered ministries, cruised up and down the Atlantic and Caribbean on a sailboat, exploring and celebrating life on the playground of Earth.
Rev. Elizabeth’s passion is to embrace the evolution of our consciousness as both a spiritual practice and means of expressing the Creative Impulse with compassion and grace. Cultivating the sacred blueprint that is encoded in the soul of is her joy and honor. Part of her credo founded on the principle of conscious daily practice riding the crest of the wave on the cutting edge of Spiritual Growth for the planet.
Currently she serves as Senior Minister at Unity of Sarasota, Florida. Minister of Unity of Sarasota Serving to Empowering People and Enriching Lives.
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