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Colon Therapy Clinic Expands Space, Services

Dec 21, 2012 04:50PM


Alain (LMT, LCT) and Allaesia (Marsha) (CLT) Menard have relocated their colon therapy practice to 2831 Ringling, #121, Building F. The new treatment center is one floor beneath their previous location, which they’ve occupied for more than 25 years, and offers expanded space for continuing and new services.
One of those new services is colon hydrotherapy through the Angel of Water® Surround, a gravity-fed system for irrigating the colon.
“Diseases are a symptom of toxicity,” noted Alain, who has been licensed for 39 years. “Colon therapy eliminates the toxic substances in the body, serving as both a preventative and restorative treatment modality.”
“Each person brings unique symptoms and challenges,” added Allaesia, “and is treated with individual respect. We have been blessed with a 98 percent success rate, and enjoy a strong base of long-time customers as well as referrals from others within the holistic medical profession.”
The Angel of Water® occupies one room of the new treatment center, which also includes specialized rooms for other cleansing techniques for digestive disorders, oxygen therapy, double foot baths, ear candling and more.
Hours of operation are 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. For an appointment, call 941-922-7744; for more information about the Clinic and/or colonic irrigation, visit
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