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Using Pure Super Concentrated PRP to Regenerate Cartilage

Mar 05, 2013 02:05PM


Gecko Joint & Spine has created a platelet rich plasma (PRP) that’s more chondrogenic or cartilage producing than previous formulations. Since PRP contains many healing growth factors and some of these (like TGF-beta) are known to help cartilage repair, all PRP has some ability to help cartilage heal. The problem is that all of the growth factors may have some working in that direction, while a few others work differently. In addition, recent research shows that red blood cell- and white blood cell-rich PRP may actually cause joint stem cells to produce chemicals that can break down cartilage.
According to the doctors at Gecko, hundreds of patients have used PureSC PRP and achieved success in healing joint pain from cartilage damage.
For more information, call 941-330-8553, visit or attend a free seminar on March 12 or 19. Gecko Joint and Spine is located at 2033 Wood Street #210 in Sarasota.
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