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Special Nutrition Hosts Nutritional Blood Analysis on March 28

Mar 05, 2013 11:45AM


Brandi Stewart of Stewart Analysis will be at Special Nutrition, 1882 Stickney Point Road in Sarasota on March 28 to perform complimentary blood analysis. The procedure is known as Darkfield Live Blood Microscopy Imaging, and is the practice of analyzing live blood with a high-powered microscope to illuminate the terrain for various abnormalities in the blood. This technique provides a view methodology not normally available with other microscopic imaging techniques.
Stewart graduated from Biomedx, one of the foremost schools for nutritional blood cell analysis in the country, and has invested in the finest high-end equipment. She has been an educator in the holistic wellness community for more than 14 years.
Live blood cell analysis requires extraction of one drop of blood from your finger with a sterile lancet, placing it within a slide and under a microscope, then, magnifying it up to 40,000X. This method enables Stewart to determine if toxins, Candida, hormonal imbalances, bacteria, parasites, etc. are present in the blood, and also to determine inflammation markers, acidosis, allergies, vitamin deficiencies and the like.
Dry Layer Oxidative Stress Testing allows her to correlate different patterns/inclusions to accurately determine free radical activity. This type of analysis may reveal degenerative conditions, for example, arthritis, heart disease and memory loss, as well as early cancer markers, bowel toxicity and more.
To schedule an appointment for either option of nutritional blood analysis contact Bahni or Marco at 941-929-0884.
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