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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

The Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light

Mar 06, 2013 04:49PM


Tucked away in a suite of office buildings in The Meadows Shopping Village, just off Honore and north of Fruitville in Sarasota, is a remarkable spiritual resource for residents of Sarasota and Manatee Counties.
Visitors literally feel the positive energy emanating from The Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light. From healing areas to meeting spaces, the atmosphere is serene, calming, comforting. There is an air of peacefulness that can’t be explained in words. It must be experienced and assimilated personally by each individual who walks through the doors.
The Center is directed by Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth James, Rev. Martha Gilbert and Rev. Susan Zirpoli, all ordained ministers in the Church of Metaphysical Christianity. It’s not surprising that it was a trio who came together with a singular vision and mission, as they strongly believe that a celestial triangulation of events created the Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light one year ago this month. The Open House and Anniversary Celebration will be held on March 24 from 2pm to 5pm. This event is also a way for the Center to raise needed funds to continue and to expand their ministry. “We would ultimately like to own our own building,” noted Rev. Martha. “We’re a 501(c)3, and all donations are tax-deductible and deeply appreciated.”
In 1979, 33 years before the Center was opened, Reverend Sharon-Elizabeth received a telepathic directive to write, through words and a symbol, the “Universal Cause.” It spoke about Oneness, although that was not the vocabulary back then, but the telepathic guidance she received was all about Unity Consciousness, that “All Are One.”
In an exclusive interview with Natural Awakenings, Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth explained that the ministry at the Center is not about religion. “It transcends the confines of organized religion,” she said, “and embraces spirituality of the spirit, the openness of the mind and soul to accept the teachings of the Ascended Masters from many religious backgrounds -- Michael the Archangel, Lord Jesus, Ra Mu, Saint Germaine, Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and others -- and to incorporate those positive energies into our lives.”
She hosts a 13-week series on the Ascended Masters at the Center this spring, on Monday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, through April 15.
The Center is simple yet powerful. Stunning paintings of the Ascended Masters adorn the walls. Healing rooms for quiet contemplation offer their own energies. Communal meeting spaces are often visited by an orb of spiritual light, hovering between the paintings of Jesus and Mary by the altars.
One of the many technology tools available at the Center is a camera that captures a person’s aura, a white or hued light that shrouds the head. The colors change depending on the person’s physical, mental and spiritual conditions at the time. Auras have been captured outside the Center as well, as clearly evidenced by a group photo of the three women clearly surrounded by a rainbow-like arc of light.
Additionally, a fully-equipped, high tech sound studio managed by Danny Zirpoli is on site, available to the public for use in recording spiritually-inspired music and words.
A quiet reading room, filled with books, CDs and tapes, is also available. It is filled with light and comfortable seating; an oasis from a busy day.
Private rooms are offered to local therapeutic practitioners, to help them serve clients on site. “We are collaborative, not competitive,” said Rev. Susan. “Ours is a mission of sharing, networking and service.”
The Center offers a plethora of services and educational offerings. The Cosmic Service is held on Sundays at noon, with candle lighting, silent meditation, group healing and anchoring light meditation. On Sundays at 7:00 is an evening service filled with singing, lecture, and messages from loved ones, guides and teachers in spirit. Monday’s highlight is a workshop on channeling anchoring light meditation. Tuesdays are the Center’s Candlelight Healing Services, with personal healing through different modalities. Wednesdays focus on mediumship, hypnosis and past life journeys. Thursdays are meditation and healing; Fridays are Yoga, spirit voyages and emergency preparation workshops. And Saturdays include “Basic Intuitive Astrology,” love in the moment and facilitation of Lightworkers. Other workshops, classes, movie nights and lectures are scheduled as outstanding presenters become available.
Two of the highlights during the first year of the Center’s operation were the World Peace Summit in September 2012, following the attack on the American Embassy in Libya, and the Galactic Alignment in December. Both events were, according to Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth, standing-room-only. “The World Peace Summit was designed to help us remember that we are all powerful co-creators of peace,” she said. “Our Center was filled with Jewish, Native Americans, Quakers, Christians and many others all praying for world peace.” She added, “The Galactic Alignment service was held at 6:00 in the morning on Friday, December 21. The place was filled to capacity – people came from all over, even as far away as Ft. Myers. At 6:12 we all said a collective prayer, as that was the time of the shift in the cosmic universe based on the Maya calendar.”
Events are explained in detail on the Center’s website at, along with pricing information, dates and times. Readers are also invited to call the Center at 941-371-9333. As Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth stated, all are welcome to learn. “There are no strings attached,” she said. “Ours is an open environment of love and sharing. We hope to inspire people to seek answers to their spiritual growth in their own way.”
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