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The Gabriel Center: An Association of Wellness Practitioners

Mar 29, 2013 04:47PM ● By Suzi Harkola


Occupying most of the east wing of the Gold Tree Plaza at Tuttle and Ringling in Sarasota is The Gabriel Center for Wellness, 2886 Ringling Blvd., professional home to a group of the area’s outstanding holistic therapists.
Founded in 2009 by Jim and Becky Gabriel, the Center hosts an assemblage of exceptionally skilled practitioners specializing in non-invasive, drug–free treatments to promote injury recovery, restore function, enhance athletic performance and relieve pain.
Joining Jim in therapeutic practice are Marcy Yarborough, an experienced and well regarded massage therapist; Jennifer Naylor, with expertise in nutritional microscopy and wellness life coaching; Pattie Starre, a professional aromatherapist and advanced bodyworker who specializes in lymphatic and cranial therapies; Nancie Anderson, a registered nurse and massage therapist, whose focus is microcurrent electrotherapy; Juliet Mathison, Kinesiologist and Energy Medicine Practitioner; Donna Thorsen, an expert in massage, acupuncture and footbath detox; Irina Kouchnir, a Certified Iridologist, and Kevin Talmadge, an Evox practioner. Each works with clients individually, yet they are united in their association for promoting health through holistic living.
The healing modalities available at the center are designed to meet various needs. The techniques include deep tissue neuromuscular massage, lymphatic drainage, cranial therapies, reflexology, hot stone therapy, auricular therapy, microcurrent therapy, energy and light therapy, iridology and individually formulated essential oil blends.
You’ll find a selection of retail products that support health and wellbeing, including BioMat, Protandim and Watt-Ahh. Herbs and quality specialized supplements are on hand as well as creamy lotions, therapeutic grade essential oils, and detox wraps. Weekly organic fruit and veggies are delivered by The Yellow Submarine for the Co-op Club on Thursdays.
Founder Jim Gabriel, LMT, a clinical massage therapist for thirty-four years, focuses on rehabilitation and cranio-structural therapies. He notes that he has seen vast improvements in many healing modalities in his career, but especially in scar tissue reconditioning. “One of my clients was in pain for years due to fibrous, discolored and painful abdominal scars from surgeries. Using painless Acuscope therapy, we were able to bring her out of pain, soften the texture, lessen the distortion on the abdomen and that brought improvement in digestion,” he said. “Another had multiple scarring from a colostomy and was scheduled for an additional bag. We cleaned up the scar tissue and got his initial bag working again within two sessions.” He added that he has also effectively treated stenosis, scoliosis, numbness in the feet and other issues through a “high touch, high tech” approach. “We are doing things now that we could only dream about 20 years ago,” he noted.
The therapists who are part of the center are quick to praise the concept and execution of the Gabriel Center. Irina Kouchnir, LE, Certified Iridologist, comments, “When you walk in, it is all about wellness and health; it simply feels like love. We are also highly focused on education. And the community recognizes this. When I mention that I’m at the Gabriel Center, it’s a very positive response.”
Irina explains her specialty: “Iridology is the master science of tissue analysis that studies markings, like colors and density, their patterns, and correlations with the specific health problems, in the Iris of the eye. As the health changes, so do the structures, markings and colors in the iris of the eye. The Iris is a macro-structure, a blueprint of the entire body, like your hair or fingerprint. This macro-structure conveys to you which area/organ gland needs nourishment and your attention.”
Kevin Talmadge, BCH, offers voice mapping using Evox software. He explained, “Voicemapping identifies sources of stress deep in the subsconscious mind, that can then be balanced and released through the use of Evox technology. The result is improved performance, less stress, and greater peace of mind. I’ve been involved with Evox for about five years, and have been at Gabriel Center since mid-2012. It’s a tremendous collaboration of support and cross-therapy opportunities for our clients.”
Nancie Anderson, RN, LMT, is embracing the future of healthcare by addressing the body as an electrical system. She uses microcurrent technologies such as NES MiHealth, Avazzia, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, and Tesla Energy Lights to reduce chronic and acute pain. These treatments are painless to receive while improving quality of life by reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity. Nancie’s passion for these state of the art techniques is so profound that she is becoming an approved CEU provider and will be teaching others how to use microcurrent in dealing with unresolved pain and stress issues.
Jennifer Naylor, NCPT, is affectionately known to her clients as “Coach Jen.” Her specialty is nutritional microscopy and teaching lifestyle management systems, and she says, “My office is a classroom. As I work with my clients and do the live blood analysis in real time I provide education about their health at the cellular level, where people can get leverage for change. Together we identify the top three imbalances and then look closely at lifestyle changes needed to bring back balance. Often people require encouragement and a hint of hope to get started.”
She added, “Lifestyle changes together with a whole food alkaline diet is what will make the ultimate difference. We do live blood analysis to educate clients about the cause and effects of what we eat, drink, breathe and think because all four can make you feel out of sorts or even extremely ill. It all begins with the blood.”
Marcy Yarborough, LMT, a licensed massage therapist for fourteen years, specializes in rehabilitation therapy, sport injuries, reflexology, hot stone massage, and a newer treatment to the area,Thai Herbal Ball. In her practice she has assisted clients with torn tendons, ligaments, spinal injuries, and headaches. Many have reported that they avoided surgery, reduced medication, and have optimal health after receiving treatments. The Thai Herbal Ball Massage is a new treatment that Marcy offers to detoxify the body, to increase blood and energy circulation, and to relieve pain.
Pattie Starre, an LMT, SET, CSI and RA Therapist, uses essential oil therapies as natural plant medicine to heal and fortify the immune system, and harmonize energy patterns through the nervous and endocrine systems. As a healer, she uses advanced cranial techniques in rebalancing brain patterns for the alignment of body/emotion/mind/ spirit - and specializes in rehabilitation from chronic and acute pain for optimum health.
Dr. Donna Thorsen, DOM, LMT, uses Himalayan pink salt in her detox foot bath treatment. “I found this modality through a personal experience. I could not believe the toxins that came from my body the first time I used this treatment, and after much research, determined that it could help so many people. I’ve been practicing massage for eight years, acupuncture for 14 years, and Gabriel Center gives me an opportunity to bring all of my interests, skills and experiences together. I have to say that the Gabriel Center was my angel.”
Kinesiologist, Juliet Mathison employs multi-discipline energy medicine techniques for relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias and physical pain. Juliet works with psycho-emotional trauma, sexual abuse, addiction, co-dependency, learning difficulties, autism, relationship issues and more. She is a facilitator of advanced processes for spiritual healing and the transformation of consciousness.
Together and individually, the practitioners at Gabriel Center work to empower clients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with complementary, holistic techniques, innovative products and monthly classes to educate the community about the latest findings in self-care.
For more information, call 941-954-0300 or visit
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