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Lymphatic Drainage Can Ease Pain

Mar 29, 2013 04:38PM


The lymphatic system is often misunderstood and/or overlooked. Previously, it was believed this system was only stimulated through exercise, however it moves by itself, slowly. Manual (hands on) lymphatic drainage increases the system’s efficiency. The most common indicators that this system is not moving well are low energy, muscle and joint pain/stiffness, constant  sinus congestion, allergies, and digestive issues.
Manual stimulation is the most effective lymphatic drainage method. Organs and muscles do contain the lymphatics, but only 30 percent of the system is found this deep. The majority of lymphatic vessels are just under the skin. It’s very important not to neglect 70 percent of the lymphatic system by assuming exercise is enough to keep it healthy. Only manual pressure on the skin can correct and stimulate this important flow. Some say machines move approximately ten times more lymphatic fluid than hands. This is physiologically impossible.
Skilled hands are crucial because only a human can determine if tissues have been effectively cleared in each region or if an inefficient path should be rerouted. Also, some conditions are not suited for lymphatic drainage. It can be harmful to stimulate this system in people suffering from acute infections, high fevers, and inflammatory illnesses, among other things. Many conditions must be evaluated caseby- case. Approaching the lymphatic system takes skill and knowledge.
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