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Local Author Pens First Book, “Life in a Spacesuit”

May 03, 2013 01:51PM

Michael Rosen-Pyros, a Sarasota based chiropractic physician and Thai massage therapist, has published the metaphorical Life in a Spacesuit. The book, available on, presents a holistic view of the human body as a container of multiple universes, all interacting, and interpenetrating – a context that unites the premises of quantum physics and Qabala, and honors the sacred traditions of mysticism and science.

Using the image of an astronaut’s spacesuit as a container, the book begins with a description of the microcosmic realm of atoms and energy exchange, the smallest, measureable level of magnification contained within our spacesuit. The atomic level expands into a realm of cooperative beings called cells - or as Rosen-Pyros characterizes them, cell people: once-unicellular beings who expanded into a cooperative realm of organs and systems.

The book continues with an exploration of the spacesuit’s interactions with the planet. Our body’s skin is a barrier from the outer world, whose atmosphere is itself a container of Life—replete with its blessings and curses. We breathe in the out-breath of the plants, while we breathe out to feed the plants and return the blessings. We interact with the earth as it does with us.

The later chapters enter the realm of subtle energies and spirit, being reminded of the spiritual imperatives that accompany us on this planet. The writings of Paramahansa Yogananda proposed the complementarity of mysticism and science, and as an advocate of Yoga, viewed the body as a vehicle to know these spiritual realms through the energy and meditation methods offered by yoga, acupuncture, bodywork, chi kung, pranayama, prayer, dance, and countless other possibilities.

Life in a Spacesuit concludes with the hopeful observation that as a species, we as are in fact a single organism called humanity. It affirms the spirit and principle of cooperation, which is the only force in evolution that has given us the ability to thrive on this planet.

Life in a Spacesuit affirms that there is only one One, and that all paths toward the One must lead to the same One, and that our bodies, spacesuits on an environmentally delicate planet, accommodate both the requirements for living here and the requirements for discovering our inner Selves.

Michael Rosen-Pyros, D.O., has been a student of the Raja Yoga path for over 40 years. He brings a philosophical and mystical focus to the classes he presents. Connect at [email protected].

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