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Understand Your Body Type to Take the “Die” Out Of Diet

May 03, 2013 07:33PM ● By Dr. Michael House

Do you realize that the word “diet” has DIE in it? When people go on a diet, they are literally killing themselves by not eating, or eating things that are not right for their body type. There isn’t one diet that works for everyone because we are all unique. I want to discuss the Asian way of eating that has been in existence for over 4,000 years, which caters to the individual body types and their health needs. Americans were never taught to eat for their body types, and our obesity rate in this country illustrates that fact. Asians, on the other hand, have been eating specific for their body type for thousands of years and rarely have an obesity issue.

We determine a person’s body type by looking at the tongue. The tongue is a microcosm of an individual’s body organs. The tip is the heart and above that are the lungs. The middle part of the tongue is the spleen/stomach and the sides are liver and gall bladder. The root of the tongue is the kidneys and the urinary bladder. Everyone has a unique tongue; no two are the same. The tongue will change as the individual changes, and can take on different colors and hues such as pale, red or purple, even yellow or white. There can be cracks on the tongue in different areas, and the tongue “fur” can be thick or thin. The size is also different. Sometimes the tongue becomes swollen, other times thin and skinny. Also the tongue can be a combination of swollen and thin, which is known as a hammer tongue.

After we look at your tongue, we categorize your body type as either cold or hot, or a combination of both. Foods have different natures and effects on the body. Foods can be cold, cool, neutral, warm or hot in nature. Your body type determines what type of foods you should eat on a regular basis. If you are a cold body type, then 70 percent of your meals want to be neutral, warm and hot. If you are a hot body type, 70 percent of your meals should come from the neutral, cool and cold types of food. Raw food is better for those who run hot in nature. This way of eating will balance out your body.

Not only do different foods have an effect on your body, the time of day you eat also has a huge effect. Most Americans skip breakfast, have a small lunch, and dinner is their biggest meal of the day. Each organ has a time of the day that it works optimally and a time it is at its weakest. The spleen and the stomach work the best between 6am to 9am and is the weakest between 6pm to 9pm. This is why it is important to eat larger meals earlier in the day, rather than having the largest meal in the evening.

The second major reason for the obesity epidemic is the fact that Americans don’t get enough exercise. As humans we are living longer than ever before. The average age was 62 when Social Security was introduced, now the average age is 72. We need to start taking better care of our bodies.

As a neck, back and joint specialist, I see more and more worn out joint injuries every year. I advise my patients to focus on less-jarring cardio exercises like swimming, yoga, paddle boarding, biking, and walking, which is the best exercise known to man. Find something you like to do, so you will stick with it. Most importantly, have fun doing it.

Try to get exercise at least every other day. Know that your scale might stay the same for a week or two. This is due to the fact that muscle is heavier than fat. Your body is making lean muscle out of the fat you have burned off. You will first notice your clothes getting looser. So break out those clothes you haven’t worn in months and get active, eat for your body type and look and feel fabulous.

Understand your body type, eat for maximum effect and exercise regularly, and you can achieve your health goals.

Michael House, A.P., O.M.D. is the owner of All Natural Healing Medical Center, 2650 Bahia Vista St. #307 in Sarasota. Clinic hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Connect with Dr. House at 941-953-3700, email [email protected] com or visit

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