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Jami Lin Opens Sharing Transformations in Venice

Jun 07, 2013 02:18PM

Jami Lin, an internationally-recognized author, interior designer and artist, has opened Sharing Transformations: Mind, Body Spirit, in the historic KMI building at 230 W. Tampa Avenue in Venice. The boutique features custom-designed and crystal-energized EmBody HeART Wear t-shirts, yoga wear, doTerra essential oils, lifeenriching products and youth-renewing skin care. All apparel, aromatherapy and jewelry are hand assembled by Jami or her on-site, cherry-picked team; some components such as essential oils and gemstones are sourced with the finest international availability.
One area of specialty is “real” Feng Shui, focusing on the roots of astrology to determine the natal, monthly and yearly trends for physical and emotional nurturing and financial gains through furniture and object placement in the home. Jami says, “What makes Feng Shui consistently effective is interpreting how the perfection of the natural cycles of Heaven and Earth (that are as predictable as the sunrise) are emulated by practical and decorative household furnishings and accessories.
“Feng Shi is not a not one-size fits all cookie cutter. Real Feng Shui predicts life trends…that you can enhance or reduce by strategically moving items around your home. The more concentrated/effective energies are in the most concentrated time, for example New Moon to New Moon, when aligned with yearly and natal energies.”
Also loving to help people look and feel their best, Jami currently provides a free, non-invasive eye lift for a wrinkle-free eye. She and her co-creators within the shop offer Aroma-Touch Reiki, ColorAlchemy facials, Amethyst Bio Mat, intuitive consultations, chakra/color balance and visionary self-discovery classes.
For more information, visit or call 941-276-8689.
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