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New Modality at Fusion Therapy

Jul 30, 2013 05:14PM

Massage is a fantastic modality and certainly can help with many injuries, pain and dysfunctions. It also relaxes the body while increasing circulation and strengthening the immune system. However, many times a trauma such as a car accident can actually create trauma to the nerves themselves, not just muscle tissue. This is a new and unique concept because prior to understanding nerves, we only thought of soft tissue as muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.
The Barral institute is pioneering this revolutionary concept of working with nerves. The therapists are trained to search through all of the different tissue in the body to isolate the nerves. Treatment of neural tissue is a precise and gentle protocol. The therapists at Fusion Therapy follow the treatment procedure and let the body guide the treatment through the release process. Through addressing the nerves, one can experience relaxation of tense muscle, pain relief, stability in the structure and a new sense of well-being.
For more information about how Fusion Therapy is using this new modality, call 941-921-7900, email [email protected] net or visit to learn more about neural manipulation.
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