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Choose Solar to Weather a Storm’s Aftermath

Oct 01, 2013 03:19PM

Here’s the scenario: The hurricane takes a last-minute turn and unexpectedly hits our area. Or a tornado hits without warning. Your home may be spared with minimal damage, but the escape routes are blocked, and you have to stick it out. Utilities are out, and power may not be restored for weeks. Even if you have a generator, fuel runs out quickly and is not available. It’s a reality we all may have to face in southwest Florida.
Having a basic survival kit is a good start, but for greater peace of mind there are solutions that can get you through the crisis with relative ease. Solar Direct has developed third-generation complete home back-up solutions, so that everything in your home can be powered even when the electric grid goes down for extended periods. The system combines solar panels, battery storage, a backup generator and a special control that optimizes the usage of the available power. It can run your whole house when the power goes off, keeping you going without a hiccup. It is self-sustaining, and can run almost indefinitely. Plus the solar power is used on a regular basis when there is no crisis to power your home, with substantial savings on your electric bills.
For a limited time, there is a 30% tax credit to offset part of the investment. Systems can be designed for various budgets and from DIY kits to complete installations.
For more information, visit SolarDirect. com, 6935 15th St E #120, Sarasota, 941-359-8228.
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