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Special Nutrition Hosts Nutritional Blood Analysis

Nov 04, 2013 07:15PM

Special Nutrition will be hosting Jaqlyn Tinaro, a Live Blood Microscope Technician and Holistic Health Consultant, on November 20 and 21. She specializes in Live Blood Cell analysis with both Brightfield and Darkfield imaging technology as well as Oxidative Stress testing.
Ms. Tinaro completed her studies and training with Dr. Okker Botha of Neogenisis, a well-known international Homeopathic Doctor. She is also in the process of completing her Naturopathic Doctorate (ND).
Using only the best video and up-to-date clinical microscope technology by Leica Microsystems, these technologies can identify a wide range of anomalies occurring in your blood with one prick of the finger, Whether it relates to high level toxins, bacteria, Candida fungus, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that can lead to major illness, Ph balance, inflammation and more, the information provided will assist in helping you get a head start on your path to optimum wellness.
Oxidative stress testing will also be provided, which will provide insight on specific organ imbalances and dysfunctions occurring in the body; for example, parasitic infection, cardiovascular health challenges, bowel toxicity, poor tissue integrity and fibromyalgia.
Jaqlyn will be including diet and life style information sheets to take home with you to assist with any personal health issues you may be experiencing.
Contact Bahni or Marco at Special Nutrition for information on cost and to schedule an appointment, 941-929-0884. Special Nutrition is located at 1882 Stickney Point Rd.
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