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New Treatment Targeting Cold and Flu Season

Fusion Therapy of Sarasota debuts their “Cold and Flu Buster” package for December.
“Has anyone noticed how the common cold has changed over the last several years? How many of us know of, or personally have had to take 2 or 3 courses of antibiotics and possibly even steroids, to get over the common cold? Remember when a cold lasted a day or two and then it was over?” Asks Fusion Therapy owner Terry Schibler. “Because viruses seem to be stronger and go deeper into the body, Fusion Therapy has created a ‘Cold and Flu Buster’ package.” States Schibler. The package consists of a customized, session in their near, mid, and far infrared sauna, followed by a one hour, full body, lymphatic drainage treatment and lastly, a relaxing 45 minute dry salt therapy session in the Dead Sea Salt Room. The package totals 2–1/2 hours of targeted therapy to release reoccurring, toxic mucous in the body.
The full spectrum infrared sauna effi ciently starts the detoxifi cation process by penetrating deep into the body and organs. Lymphatic drainage therapy is not only reported to cleanse the body, but it also fl ushes out lymph nodes and stimulates the immune system by thirty percent, for up to 24 hours. This treatment specifi cally cleans and drains toxins from the liver and lungs. The final step in the package is to absorb dampness in the body with dry salt therapy. When the lymphatic system is decongested first, the healing benefi ts of dry salt therapy are greatly enhanced.
Call Fusion Therapy or Terry Schibler at 941-921-7900 to take advantage of this December special. For more information visit
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