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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Rising Tide Hosts Universal Spiritual Care Giver/Life Transitions Training

Jan 02, 2014 04:21PM

How do we navigate major life transitions, including the transition through death, and how do we help those in our care make their transitions? Drawing on the wisdom, practices, and transmission of the Universal Worship, and the Sufi Healing Order, this workshop will help you learn to bring deep, powerful connection with the Divine and an awakened Healing Presence to those in transition.
The first session is January 25 through Feb 2, 2014; The second session follows next year, from Jan 24th through February 1, 2015. This 1 year training consists of two 9-day sessions in Sarasota, at Rising Tide International taught by Shahabuddin David Less (Head of the Universal Worship) and Devi Tide (Head of the Sufi Healing Order), monthly study, personal 3-4 day retreat, mentors, and a conference call.
The training supports those who are active or studying to be Chaplains, Ministers, Caregivers, or Healing Practitioners. Upon completion, participants may be ordained as Ministers of the Universal Worship. The Universal Worship brings all of humanity’s religions and their teachings to a single altar, honoring the prophets and teachers of all the traditions.
Curriculum: spiritual tools of assessment, theology of suffering, illness, grieving, and healing, listening from the domain of the heart, Universal Worship service as an ecumenical healing presence in medical settings, using sound and music to create a sacred environment, bringing a healing presence to those going through the dying process, and so much more.
For additional information contact Rising Tide International at 941-993-9994, email [email protected] or visit
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