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ReFlex Arts Dance and Yoga Studio Presents Trauma and the Body Workshop

Jan 02, 2014 03:50PM

Learn more about how trauma affects the body during a workshop from January 16 to 18 at Heartwood Retreat Center, 17505 Waterline Road in Bradenton. Instructor Joni Masse, RN, LMT brings 25 years of experience as a health care provider and educator. She has been working with survivors of trauma, and continues to create ways to bring mind, body and spirit together in her work.
Trauma is experienced when there is a serious threat to an individual’s sense of safety, when there is a violation of boundaries, and when an overwhelming feeling of helplessness occurs. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder often results after a perceived life threatening event occurs and may manifest years after a traumatic experience. Surviving a traumatic accident, a combat situation, physical or sexual abuse, or a life threatening natural disaster are a few of the common traumas that occur today.
Recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma is the fi rst step toward treatment. Traumatic events precipitate neurophysiological responses that manifest in the body as symptoms. This workshop is designed to educate yoga teachers and therapists on ways to work with clients who have experienced trauma as well as how to best serve them in their recovery. The manner in which trauma impacts your client may be extremely obvious, subtle, idiosyncratic, or typical. The workshop is designed to delve deeper into exploring various ways trauma may show up with your clients and how to best work with them.
Hours are January16 from 6p, to 9pm, January 17 from noon to 8pm (dinner included),January 18 from noon to 6pm to 9pm, Sat. Jan. 17 from 12:00-8:00 pm (dinner included) and January 18 from noon to 6pm.
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