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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Local Author Releases Emotional Vampires

Feb 04, 2014 08:09PM

Local holistic physician and author Alan J. Sault, MD, ABHM, announces the publication of his book Emotional Vampires and Your Hormones, a work that draws on his 40 years' experience in the practice of medicine as well as his own brush with a nearfatal illness.
Emotional vampires are the people, memories, events, and false beliefs that drain our energy and trigger the stress response. Through easy to read prose and diagrams Emotional Vampires explains how chronic levels of stress affect the endocrine system and are a causative factor for most diseases, including hypothyroidism, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and the Metabolic Syndrome.
Stress is a fact of life, not only the obvious things like fi nancial pressure, relationship and job-related issues, but also the concealed stresses of our society such as pesticides, fungicides, adulterated water and heavy metal toxicity. The good news is that we all have the resources and possibility to evade or alleviate both acute and chronic illness. Emotional Vampires provides step-by-step recommendations for creating health on all levels.
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