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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Kandinsky Hearts Darlene Seale

Feb 04, 2014 07:23PM
'Each heart image has its unique markings and patterns, just as our own heart experiences make us who we are,' explains cover artist Darlene Seale. She created Kandinsky Hearts on an iPad using a digital painting program with a specialized stylus as her brush. 'I make every stroke by hand as if I were using traditional paint and a brush,' she says.
Inspired by Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, she shares, 'I admire artists that combine unusual elements that invite the viewer in. There's always more to explore the deeper one is willing to look.' As a child, Seale discovered color via crayons and paint and recalls the power they gave her. 'Those tools suddenly opened my eyes to so many possibilities,' she recalls.
Seale's artistic explorations are executed in a variety of media, with a primary focus on graphic design, blending art and words. She shares, 'I believe art heals the heart and its creation promotes joy. For this reason, I find myself drawn to making iconic images using an abundance of color, texture and pattern.'
Seale creates art and teaches art workshops in her home studio near San Diego in Fallbrook, California. She remarks, 'When I make something and it evolves into art that's quite different than what I expect, I love it. It's both humbling and joyful.'
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