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Studio South Fitness Earns Functional Movement Screen Training Certification

May 07, 2014 07:18PM

Sarasota-based Studio South Fitness is the nation’s first fitness training provider fully staffed by Functional Movement Screen (FMS)-certified trainers.

Named among the most popular fitness trends for 2014 by USA Today, FMS is an innovative, seven-step screening system comprised of basic movement actions. Its streamlined procedure brings a wealth of benefits for virtually any strength, training, performance or physical health application, including helping those with arthritis, joint issues, and limited mobility or flexibility. Once patterns are screened, the certified staff and trainers at Studio South can recognize, rate and rank the limitations and asymmetries of their clients.

“Proper movement is the foundation for any training program,” says Tiffany Liashek, owner of Studio South Fitness. “If you have this foundation, we can help you move forward to the strength, endurance, power and wellness you seek from your fitness.”

Through FMS, trainers can create a custom fitness plan with corrective exercises that focus on improving mobility, stability and basic motor control to meet any fitness or performance goals.

“Our use of FMS caters to the full spectrum of fitness interests, including people who may not have been able to work out before and those who want to target specific areas of performance,” says Liashek. “From toning and treating to preparatory strengthening, pre-hab, injury prevention and more, every new client we see undergoes FMS. The result is a more focused, personalized approach to take them a step beyond their fitness and wellness expectations.”

Location: 711 S. Osprey Ave, Ste. 1, Sarasota. For more information, call 941-365- 4584 or visit

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