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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

June 2014

How appropriate that June brings Father‘s Day and this special community issue of Natural Awakenings focused on Inspired Living and Men‘s Wellness. The articles will appeal to men and women alike, with a nod to what guys particularly like—cars, hightech, exercise, the outdoors and music—all with a natural approach.

While it's true that 70 percent of the magazine's readers nationwide are women, our male readership is a hefty 30 percent and growing as more than 1.5 million men wake up to the value of naturally caring for their health and environment. So please pass this copy along to someone you know and love that will benefit.

It's especially essential that fathers understand how to keep themselves wholly fit because they play such a significant role in determining the security and self-worth of their sons and daughters. The research we report on this month attests how good men inspire their children to care for and about themselves. By setting a strong parental example of all-around healthy living, children are more likely to emulate and live healthfully, as well.

I know that the influence of my own wonderful father, who passed two years ago, will remain with me forever. A successful, inspirational leader, his unwavering support gifted me with the confidence to tackle difficult positions throughout my career and now to accept the guiding reins of this magazine. It's a big job, but because of his belief in me, I am ready and well-equipped to do whatever is necessary in my new role of serving our natural health and larger community.

I'd also like to give a shout out to the many amazing people I've met through this work, especially our loyal advertisers, distributors and contributors. We work as a true team in a conscious community that embraces thousands of readers dedicated to improving life for themselves and everyone. In making the most of opportunities for personal development and creating a sustainable environment, we all play a big part in our cherished quality of life on the Suncoast. Thank you one and all. Happy Father's Day to all the good men in our lives,

Janet Lindsay, Publisher

Natural Awakenings of Sarasota August 2020 Digital Edition


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