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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Support Pregnancy and Infant Care

As the dangers of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals become more well-known, many women are turning to natural remedies for pregnancy and infant care. Due to inferior quality brands in the marketplace, essential oils have received an unwarranted reputation for being unsafe during pregnancy. However, according to Debra Raybern, ND, MH, CNC, ICA, author of Gentle Babies: Essential Oil Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infants and Young Children, the safety and efficacy of essential oils depends purely on the quality of the oils. 
Raybern notes that some common uses for essential oils during pregnancy and infant care are relief of back pain, indigestion, headaches, stress and anxiety, insomnia, bruises and scrapes, colds and fevers, cradle cap, infant acne, increasing breast milk supply and more. They can also be used as natural alternatives for toxic bug repellent, sunscreen, perfumes and flavored water additives.  
Alina Piccone is a natural health educator in Sarasota. For more information, call 813-644-9104 or email [email protected] 
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