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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

New Goddesses Love Circle in Sarasota

Jun 01, 2014 03:05AM

Lucia Gabriela, CHC, AADP, a love energy healer, sensuality mentor and empowerment coach, has created the Goddesses Love Circle of Sarasota, a group of empowering women coming together to reclaim their divine female energy, reawaken sensuality, experience orgasmic love and live an orgasmic life. 


At one point in history we lived a balanced female and masculine energy, but when the patriarchy took over, the female energy was lost and semi-forgotten, causing severe misbalance in life on the planet.


Female energy is the openness to receive and surrender to unconditional love, creating, manifesting, healing and living life from the heart. Male energy is the action of doing and giving, supporting, organizing, holding space to creation and connecting from the mind. Both energies are needed to live in harmony and balance. The Goddess Love Circle of Sarasota brings females together to be empowered, motivated, inspired and supported in this time of universal shift.


For more information, call 516-287-0242 or visit or

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